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‘Because of them, I’m alive’: Off-duty Pearland police officer rescues motorcyclist after hit-and-run crash




Pearland, Texas – Man from hospital after recovering from a serious motorcycle crash for hit and run-driver. He says he will be alive today if it was not for the help of an off-duty officer off the road.

Samuel Kim and Sam often count their benefits as well here.

“Thank God, we can not make enough,” Snow said Kim describes in favor Sam surviving a crash hit-and-run.

“Quite a bit of pain in me, and in the off” Sam added that two out of the hospital room at Memorial Hermann Hospital in the Texas Medical Center.

Pearland According to police, a pickup truck struck Samuel Snow White Road intersection and Manvel Pearland Cicero Road on March 3. Snow said he was riding a motorcycle as he approached the intersection. When they came near unto him, he said, he left turn lane to be remembered that they see the truck by means of a truck. What is the darkness of the outside, as is said to be a living thing is a man of Sam’s drive and saw that he was willing to make the truck.


“I flipped my lights revved my engine. I am pretty sure hit my wing as well. Nothing in it, too, could see their bills knocking,” said Samuel Snow.

That there is no need is there, hit the truck, protected and Samuel said to the man alive. Of further aid by a sudden, Sam. And yet, as long as the memory of it remembers the words or expressions.

“I heard many voices, especially two,” he said, after mentioning the man and woman.

The man turned and officials Pearland Assist. Kevin Nichols, the leader, who at that time was retired, has been taken.

“I saw the motorcycle in the middle of the intersection and saw in the Rain damaged the people around him needy men,” said Nichols.

Nicholas said one of the home where he saw his son in the way of precipitation.

“He saw that the precipitation moving from a traumatic injury to his right leg. Amputation of the lower part of his right as a species,” said Nicholas.

He said that the officer applied a tourniquet truck into another officer had responded quickly. One of the other pair are applied a tourniquet.


“It’s because we live with them today,” Snow said.

While doctors amputated part of one of the legs of Snow – this infection and has full medical at the foot of the foot. From for GoFundMe it will be a long journey, it stated that the assistance of the family, in which they were created. (Click here to donate)

“We can not thank everyone enough for all their support,” said Kim snow.

Minister for the protection of snow by night. Of course NICHOLS, which includes – the things that shall do the job and do it again.

“I’m glad one of us could not be there with the proper equipment, proper training to make a difference in this man’s life,” he said.

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