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“Being replaced in every way but romantic”: Mizkif’s ex-girlfriend Maya heartbroken over Emiru “replacing” her



Popular cosplayer The emir moves in with Mizkif the house for the contents of the latter provoked the wrath of numerous streamers. Former streamer girlfriend Maya Higa is the latest name on the list.

He announced the decision to the emir a few weeks ago. She has collaborated with One True King (OTK) Gaming on several projects and has appeared in many Mizkif streams.

After remaining silent on the matter, Maya Higa finally broke the silence and said she felt “replaced in every way except romantic”. The reason, according to her, is that everything happened in less than two months since her separation from Mizkif, which bothered her a lot.

Maya Higa reveals that people have been comparing her to Emiru since she moved into Mizkif’s house

Maya Higa repeated how exhausting it was to her. She seemed quite upset by the whole script during the stream and revealed how every aspect of her relationship with Mizkif is compared to that of Emiru’s.

Here is what she said:

“Facing a breakup in the public eye is hard enough. And in less than two months being replaced in any way, but romantic is hard enough. And then the thousands and thousands of people who compare the two of you all the time are hard enough … you know what I mean? It’s exhausting. That’s all … it’s our fucking race, our hobbies, the way we communicate with Miz, our manners, our fucking everything. It’s so exhausting. “

Maya followed her statement with a video of QTCinderella talking about this episode. She stated that “Emir is not Maya 2.0. She is just cute and lives in her room and loves pets,” which made Maya laugh.

Maya continued that it would have been okay if there had been more time. She and Mizkif went through a devastating breakup a few months ago. They both took some free time to focus on themselves, and also because Maja needed time to move out of his house.

QTCinderella spoke on the matter, and stated that Emiru’s move into Mizkif’s house was a “fucking thing.” However, Mizkif condemned her comments, which is why his honest patrons fell into her stream. This eventually led to the termination of the flow.

However, Ludwig Ahgren criticized Mizkif’s fans for their hypocrisy, implying how they defended him when Mizkif “farm” drama, but crashed into QTCinderella’s stream because she didn’t approve of his move.

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