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Belal Muhammad criticizes Leon Edwards for wanting a title shot after controversial end to their fight




After the controversial end of the fight between Leon Edwards i Belal Muhammad, the latter expressed his frustration at Edwards’ comments after the fight.

At his post-fight press conference, Leon Edwards mentioned that he felt there was no need to fight Muhammad in a rematch. ‘Rocky’ added that the only reason he fought Muhammad was that he was the only one who agreed to fight him:

“No, I don’t feel the need to fight him again. I fought him only because all the other guys turned me down. The records were on the wall and I clearly won the fight. I don’t feel like I have to fight him again. I have to move forward. ”

Going on Twitter, Belal Muhammad expressed his frustration over Edwards ’comments. He was the first to criticize Edwards for severe stupidity after accidentally piercing his eye and believes that ‘Rocky’ should not be awarded the title ball based on their fight.

Here is Muhammad’s response on Twitter:

What comes next for Leon Edwards and Belal Muhammad after the controversial end of UFC Vegas 21?

After UFC Vegas 21, Leon Edwards has announced he is ready to next fight for the title and avenge his 2015 defeat to Kamara Usman With ‘Rocky’ now undefeated in 9 consecutive fights, the # 3 ranked welterweight category could earn the title close future, but may need to wait a while.

With Usman’s additional description of Jorge Masvidal after UFC 258, the promotion could aim for a rematch between the current champion and ‘Gamebred’ advancing. As for Edwards, fighting Colby Covington also seems to be another potential option. Edwards even claimed he would be open to fighting Covington.

Revenge talks between Edwards and Muhammad are yet to come. However, the fight could be overbooked, due to its controversial ending. If not, Muhammad could instead continue to fight against someone taller than him.

Posted March 14, 2021, 11:42 PM IST