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Belal Muhammad roasts Conor McGregor on Twitter after the Irishman laughed at a post mocking the welterweight



Belal Muhammad took a hilarious pattern on Conor McGregor after the Irishman laughed at a post on social media mocking the light heavyweight category.

McGregor reacted with an emoticon of laughter to a post that mocked Muhammad’s fighter skills. In response, ‘Bully B’ responded to McGregor on Twitter, arguing that he should learn how to check punches from Dustin Poirier.

“If you want proven punches, look at Dustin.”

Belal Muhammad was thinking of Conor McGregor’s unfortunate leg fracture at UFC 264 in July. Towards the end of the first round, McGregor struck with his hand, and when he returned to the position, his leg cracked, causing a pure fracture of the tibia and fibula.

After the fight, Dustin Poirier claimed that McGregor may have broken his leg from a blow that ‘The Diamond’ checked during the fight.

“He broke it on one of the punches at the beginning of the fight. He was probably cracked and after twisting the punch he finished it. He hit me with a good cross like the last fight. I didn’t see it buzzing a bit, but my legs were still there “I checked the shot, he shot hard. You never want to win like that, but what happened is the result of the kick check. I’m more than sure of that. He got what came to him.” [h/t UNILAD]

Conor McGregor has been in terrible shape lately

Conor McGregor has successfully operated on a broken leg and is currently recovering. The Irishman was excluded from the game until the following year after he was given a medical suspension after the fight. McGregor is currently 1-3 in his last four fights within the octagon.

After losing to Khabib Nurmagomedov in 2018, Conor McGregor managed to win just one fight in the UFC.

In his rematch with Poirier at UFC 257, McGregor dropped out for the first time in his career. McGregor suffered mutual losses for the first time in his career when he lost a fight in a couple trilogy in July.

After Khabib, Conor and Jon Jones, these are Islam, O’Malley and Izzy. Follow them here!!