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Belkin 30W GaN Wall Charger review: Ultra-compact charging



Belkin 30W GaN Wall Charger review: Ultra-compact charging


Between different power classes and charging standards Best phone charging accessories It’s not easy. Fortunately, we will help you find the perfect power plug for your gadget. Today, let’s take a look at Belkin’s compact 30W GaN wall charger.

Utilizing the latest GaN charging technology, Belkin promises ample charging power in one of the smallest charging plugs in the industry. But is it good? Learn Android permissionsBelkin 30W GaN Wall Charger Review.

What you need to know about the Belkin 30W GaN charger

Belkin 30W GaN charger support mod
Belkin 30W GaN charger support mod

credit: Robert Triggs / Android Authority

  • Belkin 30W GaN wall charger: $30 / £35 / €40

Belkin’s 30W GaN charger is available in white only and is available in the North American and European markets. This product comes with a fixed regional plug type, so there are no interchangeable regional plugs here.

Charging standard support is provided in the form of USB Power Delivery through a single USB-C port. Belkin 30W GaN charger supports charging at 5V 3A, 9V 3A, 15V 2A and 20V 1.5A, providing compatibility for a variety of smartphones and other modern devices. In theory, you should charge almost anything you can throw.

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sports Gallium nitride (GaN) Belkin’s tiny wall plug, an on-board transistor, delivers 30W of power just under a 40 x 39 x 40mm package that pops out of the wall. It’s pretty small. GaN should also be more energy efficient. So, we tested the charging efficiency of the plug, which offers an impressive 82 to 85% charging efficiency to minimize energy waste.

What good?

Belkin 30W GaN Charger

credit: Robert Triggs / Android Authority

What I call this charger compact is an understatement. The Belkin 30W GaN charger is compact and highly portable. It is perfect if you want to carry a small charger in your bag for travel or if you want to replace an old power brick.

USB Power Delivery 3.0 support is great for fast charging a variety of devices, including Apple’s iPhone series, Google’s Pixel phones, and tablets like Microsoft Surface Pro X. 30W is enough to cover most smartphones, and it’s suitable for charging some. Tablets and Nintendo switch Too. The charging speed is reasonable, but not as fast as some of the proprietary standards you can find there. Nonetheless, it’s a cheap price to buy a charger that will cover all your USB-C devices.

What’s not so good?

Belkin 30W GaN charger on Galaxy S21

credit: Robert Triggs / Android Authority

Belkin claims its 30W charger will boost the MacBook Air’s capacity by 50% in 70 minutes. But it’s an ultra-thin laptop with a very small battery and I’m looking at it close to 3 hours to even fully charge. Larger laptops take longer, so it’s not meant for laptops or fast charging tablets with larger batteries.

Belkin’s support for USB PD 3.0 is good, but the charger is not future-proof by supporting the USB PD PPS (Power Delivery Programmable Power Supply) protocol. This is required for smartphones such as: Samsung Galaxy S21 series Charges at full speed. As can be seen in the table below, these models are charged at 15W, not the maximum rated 25W.

Belkin 30W GaN wall charger test Samsung Galaxy S21 Ultra Apple iPhone 12 Pro Max Microsoft Surface Book X Honor MagicBook Pro
USB power test 14.5W / 25W 19W/20W 26.5W / 60W 28.2W / 65W
Voltage and current 8.79V, 1.65A 8.99V, 2.12A 20.1V, 1.32A 20V, 1.41A
Charging standard USB PD 3.0 USB PD 3.0 USB PD 3.0 USB PD 3.0
Wall power 17.7W 22.8W 31.1W 33.4W
Energy efficiency 81.9%, good. 83.6%, good. 85.3%, very good. 84.4%, good.

You might think you can protect it with a 30W charger, but The confused state of USB-C That means not here. So, those looking for a charger of the future will want to find a charger that supports PPS. Other than that, Belkin’s tiny GaN chargers do everything you need.

Belkin 30W GaN Charger Review: Should You Buy?

Belkin 30W GaN Charger Box

credit: Robert Triggs / Android Authority

The Belkin 30W GaN wall charger aims to provide enough power for most users in a very small form factor and performs very well. With 30W over USB Power Delivery, you can handle most USB-C smartphones and more powerful portable devices with reasonable battery capacity.

Belkin’s value proposition is also reasonably fair at $30, but there are some impressions of the benefits of state-of-the-art GaN technology. In particular, you need to bring a USB-C cable. Big but Elecjet 45W USB PD PPS It gives you more power for $25. Or get caught Samsung’s official 25W USB PPS charger At $20, it’s not too big than Belkin.

Overall, the Belkin 30W GaN charger is a solid choice for travelers or those looking to organize bulky wall plugs. However, it is not the best deal especially for European customers.

Belkin 30W GaN wall charger Ultra-compact fast charging

Belkin’s 30W GaN wall charger boasts 30W of juice for USB Power Delivery devices in a tiny form factor thanks to its ultra-compact, efficient GaN transistor.


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