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Biden Admin Promotes Activist Group That Seeks To ‘Disrupt Whiteness,’ Spread Critical Race Theory in Schools



Whiteness is equated with evil by a team working in gloves at the Biden administration’s Department of Education.

When the Department of Education issues a manual for the reopening of schools after lockdowns due to COVID-19, one of the links to that resource is to the “Abolitionist Teaching Network”Guidelines for Racial Justice & Abolitionist Social and Emotional Learning. “

The Department of Education, in discussing the benefits of “equity” in the classroom, said, “Schools are microcosms of society; Therefore, cultures are culturally responsive, deliberately racially and socially relevant. emotional learning, and helping students understand the skills they build in school are the foundation for participation in a democracy and should be the starting principles in building a whole school educational opportunity .

In the phrase “race and social emotional learning,” the department is linked to the Abolitionist Teaching Network guide.

The guide, aligned with the principles of critical theory of race, offers advice such as, “Eliminate all punitive or disciplinary practices that kill the spirit of young Black, Brown, and Native Children.”


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It also calls for schools to provide “antiracist therapy for white educators and support staff.”

The guide linked by the federal government notes that the Abolitionist Coaching Network also supports “[t]each other’s standards, learning standards, and teacher evaluations based on the pursuit of Black, Brown, and Native liberation, criticality, efficiency, and joy. “

Schools are urged to “[b]develop a school culture that engages in recovery and advocacy. It requires a commitment to learning from students, families, and educators who are disruptive to Whiteness and other forms of bullying. “

The guidance also says that existing models of social and emotional learning “could be a covert form of policing used to punish, criminalize, and control Black, Brown, and Indigenous children. “

Did the Biden administration destroy American schools?

The Abolitionist Teaching Network “is committed to not creating new schools or rethinking schools, but destroying schools that have done nothing but harm black and brown children,” co-founder Bettina said Love a welcome webinar, according to Fox News.

He said the group’s goal is to have “residential activists” travel to hotspots and “go to schools or communities and do the work of demolition,” Fox reported.

“If you don’t recognize that white supremacy is in everything we do, we have a problem,” Love said. “I want us to be scared.”


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Brandelyn Tosolt, another co-founder of the group, said part of her job is “trying to help other white teachers disrupt their inner white supremacy and anti-black.”

The group is Twitter feed, which is now protected, is a successive warrior of the race messages.

“At the root of white supremacy is fear and hatred of anything and anyone‘ else. ‘ A desire to dehumanize and dominate, ”a March 18 tweet read.

“Abandonment because we want to abolish the structures used to perpetuate our oppression, not simply change them. Black and Brown children deserve new beginnings!” Another tweet read.

“‘When power is hit, power returns. The white power of supremacy is not lost, it shifts, and evolves’ -Anthony Downer,” a July 9 tweet quoted.

In a resources mentioned in the group “Resources for Agitators”Section on its website, Love said that teachers should focus on teaching about racial violence and oppression.

“Teaching should be part of your activism … You don’t want educational justice from 8-3: 30,” he said. “I’m asking for a lifestyle. I ask that this be how you see the world; not just something you do in your classroom. “

This article originally appeared on The Western Journal.

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