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Biden administration considering 6-month extension for US troops in Afghanistan




No final decision has been made, the official stressed. NBC News first reported which is being considered a six-month extension.
The official noted that the United States will want the Taliban to accept the extension. There are still other options on the table, including the full withdrawal on May 1, but a sample of President Joe Biden’s current thinking came this week when he told ABC News that he didn’t think it would “take much longer” and went say total withdrawal on May 1st “it could happen, but it’s hard.”

Biden has some internal political coverage: some members of Congress are concerned about a total reduction. And the president has harshly criticized the details the Trump administration negotiated.

“I am now in the process of making this decision as to when they will leave. The fact is that it was not a very solid negotiated agreement that the president – the former president – drew up. In consultation with our allies, as well as with the government. , and that decision is in process, “Biden told ABC.

A report by an influential study group in Afghanistan co-chaired by former joint chief of staff General Joseph Dunford recommended a more flexible timeline based on conditions such as reducing violence.

A critical issue is that the current agreement with the Taliban does not potentially recognize hundreds of U.S. special operations forces in the country that are not part of the current group of 2,500 U.S. troops. If they stay helping with counterterrorism missions beyond a downturn, the U.S. may have to widely acknowledge that presence.

This is a last minute story and will be updated.