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Biden Delivers Message To Migrants Looking To Come To the US




President Joe Biden is not mincing his words when it comes to his message to immigrants seeking to land on the US-Mexico border.

George News told George Stephanopoulos that migrant situation on the southern border “seems to be getting worse by the day.”

Asked if it was a “mistake not to expect this climb,” Biden replied in an exclusive interview released Wednesday, “First of all, there has been a surge in the last two years. [in 2019 and 2020]. “

Stephanopoulos insisted that “this one could be worse,” to which the president said, “Maybe,” before adding, “By the way, the idea that Joe Biden said,‘ Come on, ’because I heard a days will come because they know I am a good man. ”

The ABC News host questioned whether Biden’s message needed to be straightforward.

Biden replied, “Yes, I can say clearly: Don’t come near … Don’t leave your town or city or community.”

Watch Biden’s interview below:

House Speaker Nancy Pelosi (D-Calif.) said in Wednesday’s interview with “Morning Joe” that the administration was “addressing [the southern border situation] and it will improve. “The Democratic lawmaker said Biden” has been in position for less than two months. “

She also said, “As far as children are concerned, you can think of me as a mother of five every minute that a parent being separated from a child to me is a crisis. So we want it to act quickly.”

Biden said reporters outside the White House on Tuesday said “for now” he has no plans to visit the southern border. He has go under pressure from members of both parties to address the immigration situation at the border.


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