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Biden Nominee Nailed by GOP Senator Over Past Claim That All Americans Are Racist




A Biden nominee who is keen on painting the United States as a biased, racist country, danced to his own words last week when they confronted him while confirming the hearing.

Vanita Gupta has been appointed to be associate Attorney General at the Department of Justice. However, as noted by Republican Sen. Chuck Grassley of Iowa, he used Twitter as a platform to equate Republicans with racists.

“His Twitter feed painted Republicans with a broad brush, describing our national convention last year as three nights of quote-unquote‘ racism, xenophobia, and excessive lies, ’” Grassley said last year. weeks, according to Fox News.

“How many of our colleagues in this room? Of course, Ms. Gupta has, in fact, launched Twitter attacks on some of them directly. Will this kind of political advocacy affect her legal advocacy in his role in which he represents all Americans? “

At the hearing, Republican Sen. Tom Cotton of Arkansas homed in on comments Gupta smugly defended on Twitter last year that said, in essence, that all Americans are biased.

“Last summer, nine months ago, you were in front of this committee and Senator Cornyn said, ‘Do you believe all Americans are racist?’ You replied, ‘Yes, I think we all have implicit bias and racial bias. Yes.’ So, Ms. Gupta, I’ll ask you, against which races do you place racial bias? ”Cotton said, according to The Daily Wire.

(Gupta’s quote from June, as reported at the time of The Washington Times, matched Cotton’s description.)

Gupta tried refame his comments.

“Senator Cotton, I won’t – yes it is said that we all have implicit bias,” Gupta said.

“It’s also an exchange Judge Garland with Senator Kennedy at his hearing. I believe we all have implicit bias. It doesn’t mean we harbor any racism. It’s unconscious assumptions and stereotypes that can be made. And I remember that summer in exchange with Senator Cornyn we were discussing systematic racism and implicit bias, and my response was to say that we all have implicit bias, ”he said.

Cotton again asked him – if each had biases – to explain the parameters of his own biases.

“So, to be precise, you told us all there is implicit bias and racial bias, ”Cotton replied. “That’s it all. Every single American you have accused of implicit bias and racial bias. So, I’ll ask you again, against which races does racial bias hold? ”

But Gupta danced around with an answer.

“I know I know I have stereotypes that I have to manage,” Gupta said.

“I am a product of my culture. I am a product – it is part of the human condition, and I believe that one of the reasons, I believe that we are all capable of managing implicit bias, but if we can identify with ourselves, and I am no more than anyone else yet in that matter I think implicit bias is something that is part of the shared human condition, ”he said, without offering details.

Cotton also wants to know that because Gupta said that every institution in America is touched by institutional racism, “is the Biden White House suffering from institutional racism?”

A dissertation about bondage followed.

“The Senator, given this country’s history, of slavery and Jim Crow’s long tenure, and the ongoing plague of racial discrimination, I think it is – remains a live problem in America today. And trying to address racial discrimination in all its forms – discrimination of any kind – is something that all of us in the institutions we belong to need to work on.

“And one of the reasons why I am honored to return to the Department of Justice, if confirmed, is that the Department of Justice was actually established for this purpose of ensuring equal justice before the law. And the laws imposed by Congress, by sacrificing and losing the lives of black Americans and capitalist Americans, that is, a sort of, primary duty of the Department of Justice to enforce our federal laws for civil rights and to combat discrimination where it happens for all Americans, ”she said.

Cotton reflects on his annoyance with Gupta as he finishes his time.

“I’m just going to have a record, I asked you simply, ‘Does the Biden White House suffer from institutional racism?’ and you don’t want to respond, ”Cotton said.

“I’ll just say that I don’t think you possess racial bias in any racial group or you believe the Biden White House suffers from institutional racism, but when you throw out the allegations that every single American suffers from with racial bias and every single institution suffering from institutional racism, you open yourself up to these kinds of questions by condemning your fellow Americans without individual evidence of their beliefs, their words, or their deeds.

“I think these statements are beyond pallor. I don’t think anyone really believes them, nor should they be believed because they are so good,” he said.

This article originally appeared on The Western Journal.


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