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Biden Predicts Dems Are ‘Going to Get Something Less’ Than $3.5 Trillion for His Spending Bill



President Joe Biden It is said that the Democrats are likely to get $ 3.5 trillion for its spending bill this year.

While delivering statements on Friday, Biden explained, “The cost of the Build Back Better bill, in terms of adding to the deficit, is zero. So when I heard people say, ‘It’s worth $ 3.5 trillion … ‘To be honest with you, we probably won’t get $ 3.5 trillion this year.’

He added, “We can get something less than that. But I’ll negotiate, I’ll finish that.”

Watch what the president said below:


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The president had previously claimed that his agenda cost zero dollars in a tweet.

“My Build Back Better Agenda costs zero dollars. Instead of wasting money on tax breaks, holes, and tax evasion for large corporations and the wealthy, we can create an annual generation investing in working America, ”Biden said.

He continued, “And it adds zero dollars to the national indebtedness.”

Biden received criticism for his proposal from lawmakers.

Sen. Tim Scott (RS.C.) tweeted, “We’ll clarify one thing because Joe Biden seems keen to repeat his false statistic: A $ 3.5 TRILLION tax and spending plan is not, and won’t, cost‘ zero dollars. ‘”

Rep. Claudia Tenney (RN.Y.) turned to Biden, saying, “Simple math for President Biden: $ 3.5 trillion does NOT equal zero.”

He continued, “I admit, I thought it was from a parody account when I first read it. It’s disturbing to see that it actually came from our President. He thinks he can spend an unprecedented $ 3.5 trillion and not add a cent in debt? Who’s in charge? It’s scary. ”


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House Speaker Nancy Pelosi (D-Calif.) Indicated that Democrats could make cuts to the president’s economic plan.

“In order to pass both the Build Back Better Act and the Bipartisan Infrastructure Bill in a timely manner, it is important that difficult decisions must be made immediately,” he said. said in House Democrats.

Pelosi continued, “Very strongly, the guidance I receive from Members is to do fewer things so that we can still have a changing impact on families in the workplace and responsibly address the climate crisis: a Build Back Better agenda for jobs and a planet For Kids! ”

House committees already reported approved portion of what could be included in the final bill, including expanding the child tax credit, paying family and medical expenses, lowering child care costs, lowering higher costs education, and closing the Medicaid coverage gap.

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