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Biden WH Launching ‘Help Is Here’ Tour To Promote Stimulus Package in Key States




President Joe Biden and his allies hit the road this week to promote the $ 1.9 trillion pandemic relief bill he signed into law last week as the right prescription for a country downgraded by the COVID-19 pandemic.

Biden and a slate of advocates including Vice President Kamala Harris and first lady Jill Biden were sent to key political states and on television as part of what the White House called “Help is Here on the Tour” to provide steps that include a $ 1,400 check for most U.S. households.

“I promise the American people, and I guess that becomes excessive use of the phrase, that help is coming soon,” Biden said at a White House ceremony on Friday. “We delivered on that promise.”

The bill was Biden’s first legislative priority in taking office in January and his fellow Democrats used the narrow basics of the House of Representatives and Senate to pass a large scale of what Biden originally proposed. without Republican support.

Democrats regard the bill as good policy and politics. Opinion polls show strengths supporting efforts to advance the coronavirus vaccination campaign, prepare schools to reopen and alleviate poverty after a pandemic year killed more than 526,000 Americans and killed millions of jobs.

Republicans, who widely supported coronavirus relief early in the crisis when Republican president Donald Trump was president, dismissed the latest move as an overpriced collection of pet projects unrelated to the pandemic.

The White House has said it does not believe the administration of President Barack Obama, of which Biden served as vice president, has done enough to advance the more than $ 800 billion 2009 economic program. Democrats continued to lose control of the House to Republicans next year.

Taking their case directly to the people, Harris will launch the tour Monday in Las Vegas, while Biden will travel to Delaware County, Pennsylvania, on Tuesday and Atlanta on Friday. He will also do an interview Wednesday on ABC’s “Good Morning America” program.

Biden defeated Trump in a tight split in Nevada, Pennsylvania and Georgia in the 2020 presidential election.

Each state will also feature a competitive Senate race in 2022. Losing only one seat in the equally divided chamber is exceptional in the provision of Biden’s legislative agenda, which would give Senate control to Republicans for the rest. four -year term of the president.

At least two of the outside political spending groups that supported Biden’s presidential bid, Priorities USA and Unite the Country, said they would place millions of ads supporting the stimulus measures.

Priorities USA said its ads will be partially targeted at voters who shifted from supporting Trump in 2016 to Biden in 2020, in “2022 battlefield states” including Georgia, Nevada and Pennsylvania.

(Reporting by Trevor Hunnicutt; Editing by Heather Timmons and Peter Cooney)


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