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Biden will meet with Stacey Abrams in Atlanta




“The president will be active on voting rights issues, not just in Washington, but in the states as well, and this is an example of how exactly he does it,” the official said.

The Associated Press he was the first to report on the upcoming meeting, which an Abrams aide later confirmed to CNN.
Abrams is widely seen as one starring in the Democratic Party, after losing its 2018 government loss to found the Fair Fight voter outreach organization. In 2019 she became the first black woman to deliver the official Democratic response to a speech on the state of the Union and was one of the candidates possible career mates for Biden.
He has spent years expanding the electorate and increasing turnout in Georgia, which for decades has been reliable red. The state went to Biden in the 2020 election, making him the first Democratic candidate in 28 years to win Georgia.
The struggle for access to the vote in the state has only continued since the election. A key committee in the Republican-controlled Georgia legislature came as a surprise Wednesday and began work on a new mass voting law this would give the state broad powers over local election officials, set limits on early weekend voting, and add electoral identification requirements for absentee voting.
Biden travels to Atlanta after the murders of eight people – including six Asian women, including four South Koreans – shook the city in the middle growing concerns across the country on anti-Asian violence during the coronavirus pandemic.

In light of Tuesday’s shootings, Biden and Vice President Kamala Harris postponed the political part of their trip and will meet with Asian American leaders and visit U.S. Centers for Disease Control and Prevention, according to the White House.

Georgia State Representative Bee Nguyen will meet with Biden and Harris on Friday to discuss recent spa shots on the Atlanta subway. Leaders of the island community.

Among the issues that will be raised is the concern that the shootings should be “taken seriously” and considered a hate crime against Asians and not dismissed as a suspect who has a “bad day,” Nguyen said. Captain Jay Baker of the Cherokee County Sheriff’s Office has faced criticism for saying he had the suspect “a very bad day. “

This story has been updated with more details and background information.