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Birx Speaks Out About Trump’s Injecting Disinfectant Moment




Dr. said. Deborah Birx shares his thoughts about the moment when former President Donald Trump suggested potential injection of disinfectant in humans to treat COVID-19.

Speaking of the moment, Birx said during ABC’s “The Breakdown” on Monday, “Honestly, I don’t know how to handle that episode.”

“I still think about it every day,” he added.

Birx continued, “You can see how super comfortable I am. Those of you who have served in the military know that there are discussions you do privately with your commanding officers and there are discussions you do in public.”

While the Trump administration is fighting the coronavirus pandemic, Birx is the White House coronavirus task force coordinator. He has been ever since get off from his role in the White House and get a job in the private sector.

Watch the video below:

The moment Birx touched on was when Trump spoke in the White House briefing room in April 2020 where he was said, “I see the disinfectant knocking on it in a minute, a minute. And is there a way we can do something like this by injecting it inside, or almost a cleaning? Because you see it goes inside of the lungs and has a very large number of lungs, so it’s tempting to examine that. ”

His remarks immediately sparked push back from experts warning against injecting disinfectant such as bleach.

Trump returned his comments, saying he was sarcastic.

“I sarcastically ask reporters like you just to see what happens,” he said said White House reporter.

This is not the first time Birx has spoken about his working hours under the Trump administration.

He used to said CBS’s Margaret Brennan’s Trump is receiving a “parallel set of data” on the coronavirus pandemic.

“I saw the president show graphs that I never did. So I knew that someone, or someone there, or someone inside was creating a parallel set of data and graphics that were presented in president, ”Birx said.

Birx also disclosed “always” he considers quitting under the Trump administration.

“I have to ask myself every morning, is there something I think I can do that will help address this pandemic?” Birx said to Brennan.


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