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Breast Cancer Survivor Urges Women To Talk To Doctors About Their Imaging, After Her Mammogram Didn’t Go Far Enough



CHICAGO (CBS) Every October we see products and magazines decorated in pink; 5Ks and fundraisers with that signature ribbon.

The importance of Breast Cancer Awareness Month can’t be explained, especially considering the anniversary of breast cancer screenings.

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Morning Insider Lauren Victoria shares a powerful story about a suburban woman whose mammogram isn’t far enough.

“I’ve never been so excited for a birthday,” said Cheryl Fortier-Francoforte.

Her 50 birthday was destined to be a blast, but the celebration was extra special because it was previously taken for granted.

“Having a cancer diagnosis, and the way that I went through it, just changes your perspective every day,” Fortier said.

The story begins in summer 2020, with its annual mammogram screening.

“Sure, you have little concern. You are praying you have good results,” said Fortier.

And it brought forth good fruit. The mammogram showed no improvements. Everything seemed fine.

Not so fast, thought Dr. Miraj Shah-Khan, from Northwestern Medical Hospital Palos.

“From reviewing the imaging, it was clear that she had the highest mammogram density” Shah-Khan said.

(Photo provided by CBS)

In another way Fortier said that he had a thick breast. This list shows the mammograms. Dr. Shah-Khan, a breast surgical oncologist, explains that a mammogram can easily see through the gray, fat areas that make up most of the breasts. Something was hiding in the darker white spots.

Thus the doctor ordered Fortier to use the ultrasonic device, because he uses another device and technique. Behold, behold, the witness has revealed the mass.

(Photo provided by CBS)

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“You can clearly see in this patch differently than normal breast tissue,” said Dr. Shah-Khan.

It was time for breast cancer. Who knows how much he’s grown and where he could spread unless he was taken to Fortier’s next mammogram, which will take place a year later.

R: I follow the MRI up the tumor.

“Dr. Shah-Khan himself was an advocate of my health and such a wonderful surgeon saved my life. I tell her that I’ll see her every time,” said Fortier, who opted for a double mastectomy after the invention. She had had a few biopsies from her breasts before (everything turned out to be benign), but her case did not come after this malignant invention.

The mother of three girls is now cancer free. Fortunately, it shares an issue with the light statistics of the disorder: about 50% of women have a thick breast tissue and are in need of a closer look.

“It’s important for women to talk with their doctors about imaging,” said Dr. Shah-Khan.

It is also crucial that women 40 and once a year receive breast exams.

Research has shown that women with a higher breast density are at a higher risk for developing breast cancer.

A 2015 study more rates of dense breast tissue are found in black women than in white women.

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