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Broward Dad Dan Bauman Arrested In Dispute With Ft. Lauderdale High Student Over Mask Mandate




Fort Lauderdale (CBSMiami) – A father was arrested in the presence of Ft Lauderdale. Lauderdale High School on Wednesday.

MIAMI when Pompey education in schools resumed Dan Bauman, 50, walked daughter Isabelle school. Isabel is the 10th year of the first degree in Love. High Lauderdale. Would not it be a person, aside from administration each day.

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“First of all, it’s illegal for them to do so in writing. That is against the law, it is the parents bill of rights. Our idea is to stop the spread of the virus. What you would not give them more harm than good,” said Bauman.

“I want you all are just not able to go to school, but not the person unable to breathe on it, and it is he who chooses you want,” said John

On Wednesday, a student approached Bauman, saying: “I have had enough for four days,” and tried to grab a cellphone that had been circulated, according to the arrest report.

Bauman student on the shoulder and pushed ‘took hold of her and twisted her hands clasped as aggressive, “according to the report.

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Dan Bauman keep the front ft. Lauderdale High School at September 25, 2021. (CBS4)

He was immediately taken into custody and accused of child abuse in a future operations Anonymous.

The four parts of the Isabel ‘s as far as I go to school, having the seal of God, he shows that it is from the command of the person to die for the king’s dainties. A group of students at the school’s campus chanted “person to person, as well as the title of a popular music group.

Supporters of the title held. (CBS4)

In the meantime the school’s principal, Sean Curran said that the game tied hands. County is not just management and guidance to the Miami school district. He said a number of times to meet with the school’s family and explaining Bauman exceptions that are available.

In the meantime, he said to the disciple, so that the whole of this region is the body of Curran’s regime.

And our kids are incredible, “said Curran.” Every single one of them is not supportive of what they are wearing to the measures to keep everyone safe. “

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‘Our local school district students thinks that the best way to protect our mandate from the person. This is a student who is going to support every morning and do it carefully. There is one student for all of us to talk, “said chairman Raymond Adderly high class Fort Lauderdale.