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Bryan native starring in Disney on Ice says dream job was gone in seconds when pandemic hit




Houston, Texas (KTRK) – Jamie Hathaway was never the girl, who did not know the ice.

And in the place of the forest, with the Tarzan swing his normal by means of the sand of the domain, she added.

“I saw my very first Disney show on ice with ice and fly through the Tarzan 5. I also knew that I wanted to do it after praying,” Hathaway, 22, said. “My brother started playing hockey at the rink in Texas, and I thought, ‘OK, maybe I can do this,’ and as soon as I started taking lessons, I was like: ‘I want to relay a Disney ice.” ‘

This dream is a reality since 2019, Texas first selected for his country shows – Disney Road Trip gifts and ice adventures. After sending the video portfolio, she auditioned present from the American Airlines Center in Dallas. Eight days later, and he was waiting to hear the message given year, which is not part of the show.

‘And as he did unto the law that it is not said to me was all the phone one person, and he cried out, And the women sung as they played, and laughed not, for she was afraid. … All the emotions could not explain. There are men, the young men of my people, and all things, “he said.

But like anything in life there are always challenges.

It is not long before one of them was like playing Mary Poppins characters in the iconic figure skates.

When, however, Dr. Hathaway 14, it is not diagnosed with scoliosis, curvature of the spine, which is on the side of it tends to develop before the age of puberty in the next cited is the growth of, Describes the Mayo Clinic.

‘And that to me about scoliosis, it was an instant whether I keep skating, I can not keep skating? I do not want to have surgery. I do not want to put on my statutes, and all that were with staves upon them. So, I have labored not a physician; who had, have helped me, and deprive my soul of my life, to the directing of the Hotels healthy things? And exercises to strengthen the muscles of the aid those who had to realign my people thorn on the way, “explained Dr. Hathaway.” I believe all of them, who are doing the business work, and I’m “still here, still skating, they could do what I love, I’m not need to have surgery.”

Most cases are mild scoliosis, although there are a variety of treatment, and a wide range of symptoms. Dr. Hathaway, allowing them to take care of himself he continually with grave, so he said to him, however, that if he had not been able to relay. And if she does not experience back pain, does not mean it’s more likely to fall into the hard ice.

Concerning the right of appeal to the greatest, so it would be, Dr. Hathaway, in the month of March, 2020, however desirous I might for the first time was a difficult subject to learn the things which are, and as each.

MT Road Trip for performing in that show closed in March 2020 as planned, but instead of practicing going on or near the road, at home, she had a head start of a long quarantine.

“We happened to be in Minneapolis and all of a sudden, they were like, ‘Well, you guys we’re sending home pandemic, because there’s a global” she began. “I think they were disturbing pandemic ever heard that was the word that came from. It was always Revelation … ending the world. Never global pandemic. It was one of those things where they wanted me to say, Wherein we consider what do I talk? ‘But no one knew it.’

“Being sent home from your dream job. The second one is the one that was gone,” he added.

Finally, fast forward to the colorful Hathaway and placed on ice again to the magic incantation.

At present the show from bringing Disney’s Mickey FOR ice. There is Dr. Hathaway at the second time on the journey.

“This is the first of this nature is going to get to something like 11 months, that’s weird and I was just … … It seems we are the first, because it’s getting back on the road when there is live entertainment with the power to change the global pandemic energy atmosphere in the world, and that the innocent person, and I feel so honored to be a part of magic, “said Hathaway.

This time round she will play the new Little Beep “Toy Story.”

As long as it feels like the whole world is experiencing and has any thing out of those things which by the year, by the competition, I felt very, that truth itself, because it is on the way to return to that happy.

“We love Field .. land at Dallas and at the same time they touched the ground, I just started crying. It was not as happy or sad, because he was just a rush of emotion and thought a year ago when everything got closed, “said Hathaway, who had come to perform often the family has sometimes traveling hours.

“To this Texas sharing with family, friends and the rest of the world … it’s not passion, it is put into words, that’s why I just started crying,” Hathaway continued.

But when the props of one family, and the girl was not imputed, when the watchmen even to help her to reach its objectives.

“It has docuit me tam facient disciplinam et adiuvisti me opus ad consequi quod somnis quod aedificationem … ad modicum rebus quasi proposita quia ipse per exploratores Natus quot crustula sum iens ut vendere, aut quid volui ad insigne, “explicavit Hathaway. “We need to show that you can also have set goals to figure skating.”

The spy is the gold Award recipient Dr. Hathaway born, than that he should be like the eagle, are a description of a being of Scout in the Boy Scouts of.

As long as he wants to show to dint the account of the chronicles in the Hathaway family lorem There were two of the week of a teacher.

Ice stops at Disney’s film The boy Search it will be in an urn or the weekend of April 16 from April 23-25 ​​and again at NRG Stadium.

Relay start at $ 25.

Feld Entertainment, which runs the Disney ice, said 19 COVID protocols will be in place including, seating a legume, a power capacity and face coverings required for guests age 2 eating and drinking, but the older the seats.

You can lay the head of the Walt Disney conceived more to this link between the health of the ice.

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