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Bucknell University condemns ‘horrific incident’ against LGBTQ student community and orders investigation




In Said Friday, Lewisburg Pennsylvania university officials said a group of male students came to the student’s residence Frank House – Note that the tower house – Thursday night and was “harassed and intimidated” residents while trying to enter the building.
Second the university’s website, Fran’s House provides housing and race neutral “to a safe place to protect LGBTQ people and allies”.

That evening and there was no room for fear suggested Frank House residential Cicero Luong said in a letter to university president John Bravman.

Luong said harassment by nearly 20 former members of a fraternity which had once the building is based. Recently he was in the field of the safety of the public as fickle as the horror of compounding the answer, and the magistrates, and wrote of me.

Luong said the assailants banged to the windows, and the victim are the pride of the metal bars of the flag of the flag of the pole to the representations from the two hinged leaves for each other, that he was urinated on, and to the post of the court.

“I yelled, ‘Let us in!’ ‘This is your house!’ ‘This is our house!’ ‘He wrote.

Tau Kappa Epsilon fraternity, the building formerly housed up to two years after they are removed group, said University officials said that among them.

The fraternity is not formally recognized banned or at the university campus in order to study the operation, officials said. Bucknell, in an anti-hazing report said that the recognition terminated CHAPTER between the drinking to the allegations of under age and in 2019, was struck by the use of the members and other in the dog goes out of the operation of the torques of the same bands Yoke, which could lead to injury.

CNN reached out Monday to work toward national TKE comment.

“It is clear that many aspects of the students violated the physical space and, more importantly far, the residents, the sense of place and security,” he said University said. Furthermore, it is equally clear that Bucknell guardian’s response to the incident ten ways you could not. “

In a letter to health officials Luong reach a timely manner. When he did, the other they are laughing at the situation.

“The officers tied to contain ourselves guilty, remembering his college days and calling themselves handsome young men. President Bravman two leaders did not speak to me. The two officers had not happened to us Frank’s House residents to ask if we were well. “

Said officials are “gravely concerned” about the potential violations of the student code of conduct and told to hire a third party to conduct a search firm to submit a report to the college and administration. And it will not describe it.

From these findings, and the university to implement “must be consequences,” it said.

An outside firm is investigating Bucknell guardian’s response to the administration “implement will change as appropriate and sanctions,” says the university. Dukes safety of public exposure may be no educational professional development for the “health and to foster a greater sense of all members city of Bucknell ‘added it is.

“We can not erase habituumque deformity before and after the trauma of last night’s transgression against students from Frank’s house and, subordinate many others, but will not commit to a meeting in a way that protects LGBTQ Bucknellians and performs better in health in the future,” university officials said Friday.

In a statement posted Their house in the Fran’s Facebook page, dwell as it were to set up the tower of the things I have asked universities to offer a permanent place of residence to the LGBTQ + of the house of the city.

“Never again should someone who feel that they will come home and it’s not our own home, ” said one read.

He said the safety of other people involved, and the leaders of the “abominable” incident need to be held accountable.

“Frank House residents in full compliance, and provide for independent investigation into the case arising, and we hope to be matched by the university, he moved to that outcome.”