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Call of Duty Warzone: How to track your stats with



With COD Warzone Season 3, which began last month, players are looking for every advantage to analyze their performance.

Thanks to the website, players can check their stats and do just that. With a breakdown of KD ratios, total wins, percentage of wins, total kills and kills per game, Warzone’s Legion of Fans will be able to compare their stats and show how far they have come since the first fall Verdansk.

The process of accessing a player’s personal profile can take a bit of web navigation, but thankfully WZ Stats has simplified the process step by step.

Find your Warzone profile on WZStats

Picture via Activision
Picture via Activision

In order for Warzone players to make their profile on WZ Stats visible, they will need to set up their account by working both through the Call of Duty website, and through the platform on which they play. The steps taken to make a player’s profile visible are:

  1. Log in to the Call of Duty website: Enter your email address and password to access your COD account.
  2. Go to Linking Accounts: Go to the Linking Accounts page. There is one special setting you will need on this page.
  3. Set “Data visible” to “None”: Enter the drop-down menu and set the field “Data visible” to “None”. When you’re done, refresh the page in your web browser.
  4. Set “Visible Data” to “All”: Take the same drop-down menu that was previously set to “None” and set it to “All”. You can also refresh the page after this step, but supposedly it is not necessary.
  5. Search for your username: WZ Stats has a search box on the main homepage that allows players to search for their username by platform. Enter your PSN, Xbox Live, or Blizzard username in your account statistics view. (Note: Do not use your Activision / Call of Duty username, use one related to the platform itself.)

When player profiles are available, they will be able to see how they get along with others.

WZ Stats also offers scoreboards and statistics tracking, allowing players to break their KDs and accuracy according to recent matches. With this strong suite of analysis tools and its own Discord and Customer Support infrastructure, WZ Stats is easily one of the most useful places for Warzone competitors to see where they are and where they are headed in season 3 and later.

With so much new content being prepared for Warzone, all the tools for review and improvement are vital.