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Can Atletico Madrid turn around their tie against Chelsea?




Atletico Madrid performance has declined since they faced off Chelsea u Champions league Eighth final, first game three weeks ago. The Rojiblancos have since been neither productive nor consistent.

Diego SimeoneThe team started the season well, which led them to the top of La Liga. They still lead the league, but their lead has now been reduced to just four points.

While they still have a huge chance of winning La Liga, Atletico Madrid’s ambitions in the Champions League are in danger of being cheated. After losing 1-0 at home to Chelsea in the first round of the round of 16, the Rojiblancos face a difficult task to reverse a draw.

So far, all the teams that came out as winners in the first legs have advanced to the quarterfinals of the Champions League, so it remains to be seen whether Atletico Madrid could overcome the trend and triumph.

Diego Simeone’s chance to make amends after the first disaster

Atletico Madrid completely outplayed and surpassed Chelsea in the first game, thanks to Diego Simeone’s unproductive tactics.

The Argentine set up his side to play defensively, allowing the Blues to have possession. The Atletico Madrid manager was subsequently criticized for his lack of initiative.

However, he now has the opportunity to correct himself against the Chelsea team, which is undefeated under Thomas Tuchel and has not conceded a goal in the last five games in all competitions.

The Blues’ defense will be hard to break down, and the only way Atletico Madrid could have a chance would be to take the initiative and go on the attack. After their terrible performance in the first game, Simeone has no choice but to play on the offensive, because the hopes of his Champions League are in balance.

The bright start is the key to Atletico Madrid beating Chelsea

As it currently exists, Chelsea have a better chance of reaching the quarter-finals after a narrow 1-0 win against Atletico Madrid in the first leg. However, the Rojiblancos can return to the dispute if they start the game great at Stamford Bridge.

However, another intimidating performance could only end their European campaign, with Simeone already hinting that his side is focused only on winning Stamford Bridge, no matter what.

“We have only one result, victory. We have to take the game where we want, so we can win with a goal. The only idea is to win, “Simeone said at his pre-match press conference, which he quoted Metro.

“You can start winning in the 84th or 10th minute because those are all possible results. The goal is to take them to the game after the rematch to improve the situation. We don’t know how he will think about the match, but I know what we want from the match, and that is to win it, ”Simeone continued.

Atletico Madrid are leaning their backs against the wall, but could ruin this game by going out to Chelsea on Wednesday.

Posted March 17, 2021, 5:19 PM IST