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Capitol riot police downplay the attack after apologizing for their crimes in court




Anna Morgan-Lloyd, who spent 10 minutes inside the Capitol on Jan. 6 and pleaded guilty to a single felony for violating the interior of the Capitol as part of the crowd that day, he stated in an interview with Fox News that the riots were polite while attacking the Capitol.

“Where it was, we didn’t see anyone hurting anything and people were very polite,” he said. “If anyone ran into anyone it was, ‘Excuse me,’ and people were very polite and no one was breaking anything.”

“It was quiet enough for people to come out of the Capitol building that worked there, walk past us and have no fear in their faces.”

Comments from Morgan-Lloyd, 49, came just over a week later she wrote to a federal judge who heard her for his actions on Jan. 6, which resulted in an interim sentence and a $ 500 fine Wednesday.

“We followed a 74-year-old woman to get her out. She didn’t fight anyone to get in,” she said in her interview with Fox. “We saw police officers standing in the back hallway. They were standing and they were relaxed. They didn’t tell anyone to leave. They were talking and chatting with people.”

In a letter to Judge Royce Lamberth before his sentencing, Morgan-Lloyd apologized for his crimes and disallowed riot police who had attacked police officers and destroyed the building, saying he was “ashamed that something he wanted to show his support for the president if he had become violent. ” . “He wrote that he felt sorry for him, and added,” It was never my intention to help people act violently. ”

Lamberth said Morgan-Lloyd avoided jail because he did not participate in the violence and condemned those who did. He issued a warning to other defendants that he would likely sentence them to prison if they continued to defend their behavior at the Capitol.

Lamberth also strongly denounced the insurrection, calling it a “grave crime” and a “disgrace” to the country. He noted that “much of the public remains outraged by what happened.”

“It was not a peaceful demonstration … It was not an accident that turned violent,” the judge said.