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Cardi B uses Melania pic to land ultimate dunk on hypocrite Candace Owens




If you’ve been watching any FOX News recently, you’d think that Cardi B’s Grammys performance of her hit single “WAP” was a national security issue. White supremacist host Tucker Carlson and black conservative activist Candace Owens – infamous for his public defense of Hitler – Made an extensive grievance session on the night of the awards presented about how Cardi B and Megan Thee Stallion performed – which took place at 10am – was too sexual and further evidence of the deterioration of family values ​​and the imminent collapse of civilization civilization as we know it, yadayadyada.

It’s the same old boring schtick the right wing has used to dress up their racism since the days of Bill O’Reilly arguing with rappers over their lyrical content and pants waists, but it’s red meat to rotting boomers tune in every night for their daily time of race hatred from Tucker Carlson.

Owens, struggling to find some sort of primary rapport, snatched the opportunity to start a feud with the superstar rapper and started him publicly on Twitter for his massive costume and clear language.

But Cardi B’s last laugh by throwing in the pretense of Owens worshiping Trump back in her face with one of the clearer images of Melania’s modeling, one that is no different than some of the outfits chosen by Cardi to wear during her music videos.

There is nothing wrong with any woman wearing whatever she wants whenever she wants. But it’s surprising for Owens to pull off the tired, patriarchal moral nonsense about musical performers after spending years defending and promoting a racist serial sexual predator that openly opposed every so -called “value of family ”pretending to care about Owens and his fellow conservatives.

Fingering and public humiliation in conjunction with the whitewashing and apology aggression that perpetuated the rape culture in America, and no one who defended Donald Trump should be allowed to talk about “morality” in any way. , shape, or form.


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