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Carson Wentz injury: When will Colts QB return after suffering foot injury?




Carson Wentz has high hopes for the 2021 football season. Having failed to finish the season in the three most prosperous years of his career, Wentz seems to have something to prove. On top of the injuries, Wentz struggled in his final season in Philadelphia, throwing 16 touchdowns and 15 interceptions.

As a member of the Indianapolis Colts, Wentz has a lot to prove. However, the season could already be on the ropes for him after he suffered a foot injury in the first few days of training. Here is a division of the injury and see the possible schedule for his return. Here is a division of the injury and see the possible schedule for his return.

Carson Wentz: Injured again

While Cowboys fans were relieved to hear that Dak Prescott’s an injury at an early training camp leaves him daily, Colts fans don’t have that luck. According to CBS Sports,, Carson Wentz felt a “twitch” in his foot as he rolled on the smuggler. The injury appeared to be non-contact, the worst possibility.

His deadline for return is undefined. It appears to be an injury serious enough to make the Colts consider shuffling the depth chart and examining a plan of action at the fullback position in the future.

The Colts currently have a second-year quarterback Jacob Eason and QB first year Sam Ehlinger on deck. Eason was the fourth round coach for the Colts 2020. This could be his kick. Sam Ehlinger, meanwhile. was drawn in the sixth round of the 2021 NFL Draft.

Jacob Eason’s best season in college was 2019 as a junior, in which he threw 3,132 yards, 23 touchdowns and eight interceptions. Sam Ehlinger’s best year came in the final season of 2020, in which he threw 26 touchdowns and five interceptions.

While it would seem that Eason is the leader to replace Wentz, there seems to be competition between Eason and Ehlinger.

The Colts have gone through the bells when it comes to quarterback instability. Since 2010, Colts has lost Peyton Manning,, Andrew Luck i Philip Rivers. With a dark tone set by Wentz’s injury loss, the Colts have lost four potential franchise-quality quarterbacks in the last 11 years. Of course, nothing is carved with Wentz and he could be back for a long career.

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Training camp Indianapolis Colts

Wentz’s injuries, on the other hand, have been growing for most of his career. At this point Wentz can be compared to modern times Sam Bradford, which, ironically, overtook Wentz in Philadelphia.



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