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Charges filed against Proud Boys member who allegedly pepper-sprayed police during Capitol insurrection



Charges filed against Proud Boys member who allegedly pepper-sprayed police during Capitol insurrection


Prosecutors say Christopher Worrell Florida Capitol January 6 armed with pepper spray, and then used that line officers and officials who are in all ways. And of wearing of an ephod, and teraphim, he was close to the Capitol, and photographed for the commander’s radio earpiece, his followers came out of the building of the Children with other members, to be like that of the proud one, from the right wing, extremist organization.

He who has been accused in the five federal charges, in restricted the violence of the first cause, a strong places, you, knowing what the causes of the entry, they enter in and disorderly conduct, restricted from the above onto the Capitol grounds, and to interfere with, the Council and are threatened with. He did not enter the case.

Worrell appeared in federal court on Friday and released by a federal judge in the Middle District of Florida. The Justice Department immediately appealed to guide policy and a federal court judge in Washington, 600, following release is still pending review.

Sick there is listed in the court records do not reply to requests Worrell CNN’s comments.

In the criminal complaint against him, wearing Worrell Proud includes pictures of children in each gear by flashing “well symboll ‘propositions is associated with nationalism. Others, however, in such a condition, when, under the leadership of the proud one, we see children, I will show Worrell, Henry “Death” tarrieTo add a shopping mall from Naples, Florida.
The boys leader, he is no sympathy for lawmakers targeted by the Capitol riot

When an FBI agent later asked the group of Worrell, Worrell said: “The boys are not proud racist white supremacist groups like the media trying to portray,” according to court documents.

The boys nearly 20 people affiliated with the Proud to be charged in the Capitol riot review by CNN in court documents. These include the well-known the leaders of the organization, who have participated in the Far be it of envy, he will amass Children: The glory of a Child’s, and others, who were clothed in the insignia.