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Charlie Swan Is The Best Part Of “Twilight” And I Will Die On This Hill



Not long ago, Netflix blessed us with the ability to stream everything Twilight saga on the site. Like many others, I re-watched all five movies, but In this ageI realized something: Charlie Swan is an absolute angel who deserved much better than what he received.

Let me list all the reasons why Charlie Swan is the best character in Twilight:

First of all, when Bella moved into Charlie’s house, not wanting to go on tour with Renée and her minor league husband, he did everything he could to make her feel comfortable in an awkward situation:

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Like, this is too precious. He did what he could for his daughter, whom he has barely seen for more than a couple of weeks in a row over the last decade.

He even gets you a car to get around town and replaces the tires on said car as a precaution:

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It was she Tires that did well on black ice, but sadly, that didn’t stop Tyler from almost making a Bella pancake.

She even gets Bella’s favorite dessert, the blueberry cobbler, every week:

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You ask me if I cried, I ask you if you can take care of your business.

At the first sign of danger, Charlie gave Bella pepper spray to protect herself:

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And it was useful against James!

The precise way Charlie ran to Sam to lift Bella from his arms after he found her in the woods shattered my soul:

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Like, I know Bella just got dumped, but Charlie is the one my heart goes out to in this scene.

And every time he woke up screaming? He was always there to comfort her until she fell asleep:

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Homie even slept on the couch so he could hear her.

He gives the advice we need, but not the advice we deserve:

Not once, but TWICE, Bella left Charlie drugged and dry … and he welcomed her each time with open arms:

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But, even with all the trials and tribulations Charlie went through, including watching Jacob undress and turn into a wolf and adopt Instant Grandma pretty well, he was, and will always be, there for Bella:

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It is canon that Charlie will do all he can for his baby.

I’m not the only one supporting Charlie! It seems that, at the same time, all of us Twihards graduated from #TeamEdward and #TeamJacob to #TeamDaddyCharlie:


I really hate Twilight as a whole, but even I can say that Charlie Swan is a king who deserved better than what he was given and I would give my life for that man.

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I literally don’t care if teens think I’m ugly for wearing skinny jeans, what does the guy who plays Bella’s father in Twilight think I should wear? Your opinion is what I want. What’s up Charlie?

Twitter: @GabrielleMcKeon

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