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CHI Health employees come together to support co-workers with cancer




OMAHA, Neb (WOWT) – The present is what a holiday is all about.

A special gift to two CHI Health Workers suffering from cancer, showing how much they cared for their co-workers. She’ll be sitting on the CHI Monitoring Supervisor for April twice a season, never planned.

“I’m looking for some really cute girl hair right?”

Kristian’s website is being asked for help by all her collaborators. He hopes he doesn’t mess with stiling.

“It adds to the motion.”

April donating her hair Locks of Lovewhere human hair is used in wigs for cancer patients.

“We stand in solidarity and make money for them.”

Kristian was diagnosed with breast cancer just one month ago.

“I was so good, this could very well have happened so I think I cried more when I found a lump than when I was diagnosed,” Page.

April’s hair dropped and a plastic bag filled up quickly.

“It felt fantastic, quite frankly.”

Waiting in the Wings: Nicki Blodgett is next.

“Worried. Alone is anxious in that chair.”

“But I’m not so nervous as I watch her.”

Tracy Bomer will be here and with the scissors in his hand, the nerves return and more love goes into the bag. This is Tracy’s third bout with Crab.

“It is, as I have always said, the first disease to cause cancer. And now there is a shadowy character that stalks me,” says Bomer.

Kristian and Tracy both know that they have a tough time before them. This outpouring of love from his co-workers has hope as they progress.

“The support you think they will be doing is amazing for you.”

“It’s overwhelming, it just makes me feel that I can’t even describe it. You don’t really know what you are doing, but then when you have such people as you go up and you feel the love from them.”

With their new dos, April and Nicki are all looking for a must see.

Kristian Page says she feels the same today as she did when she was first diagnosed. Adding “Always Kristian.”

Tracy Bomer says that although she is dealing with cancer for the third time, Harley can still ride a lot on her.

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