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Chicago mass shooting: Video captures moment gunman opened fire inside Park Manor warehouse party




Chicago (WLS) – Strictly speaking, we now see a fire show, where a blow to the South’s Chicago warehouse inside the house over the weekend.

And a chaotic scene, with indicators flying as people ran for cover. The mayor now plans to hold the owner of that building guilty.

And a large part of the warehouse in the city’s South Some 15 ended with two people shot dead. Video taken early Sunday morning, hours after the inner part showed people dancing and having fun. Some moments later, but not overwhelming; But who is able to stand before envy of gunfire.

“Playing music that they have fun, and he has not told you that I was shooting,” witness for me ABC7 Chicago. “The whole country went up to the blast. “

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It would be one of his friends said to him, The witness identified do not want to hit twice.

“He shot at me and I got to help him in the hospital and marry strange” and said the witness. “And on the front of the party, that is how he got shot. And when shooting toward the front.”

The shooting happened just before 5 am on Sunday, (6) S. 700 block of South Chicago Avenue.

In this building used cars for towing and repairs, not to spend the night, when she does.

Watch Chicago Bureau of Investigation arrested a police join in the mass shooting Manor Park

Affairs and the Chicago Dept. Consumer Protection of Business has twice issued and-desist orders to several business address is located. The violations, which started back in 2018, because it is against the law and without proper operating a cigar lounge and a liquor license business.

2019 lord of his house, and what is unjust on the fall, to bring home the way into the city, which is said to be closed.

“That is obviously unauthorized use of the facility,” the mayor of Chicago, Lori HEFELE said.

“Given the history, I would expect there to be any significant action taken.”

The medical examiner is the same thing that killed two years, 30 years, 39 rayneesha Lionel Dotson and nice. Dotson said the family just moved to Texas to escape the violence while visiting a gun and killed her.

Chicago police believe was a gang related shooting.

“We’re all trying to find a way out on the ground,” the witness said. “It has messed up inside me.”

State records show that the outcome will result from 2019 found addicted. Now the work is for cause, the.

In this case, no one is in custody for the shooting.

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