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Chrissy Teigen Asked President Joe Biden To Unfollow Her On Twitter And Her Reaction Afterward Was Amazing




“I love it’s not me !!!! It !!!”

Alright, all – it’s Chrissy Teigen play it.

Frazer Harrison / Getty Images

President Joe Biden was right in front inaugurated – in the morning – Teigen along with a request for the incoming low DRAFT: Can I get a follow on Twitter?

Hello, I am @joebiden River for four years, the President can get a follow plz

@chrissyteigen / Wikipedia / Via Twitter: @chrissyteigen

Lo and behold the secured follow – but recently, they have Teigen admitted that some of the most powerful political figure in the United States, it is your Twitter can it does not matter.

@chrissyteigen / Wikipedia / Via Twitter: @chrissyteigen

This morning Teigen extended to the public on the cause of @POTUS Unfollowed “As for me, with me as a leaf, ‘” I love you it’s not me !!!! It !!! “

I tweeted a few times, they are a peculiar treasure @POTUS. In order to flourish as a me ask you to please me Unfollow me. I love you !!! However, this is me !!!!

@chrissyteigen / Wikipedia / Via Twitter: @chrissyteigen

Yet again, President – or, more accurately, who’s running Twitter – winning. But once the common Teigen not right, back shout of joy.

@chrissyteigen / Wikipedia / Via Twitter: @chrissyteigen

Of course, Teigen – realms but it’s Twitter – I knew this day might come eventually. (Probably did not anticipate that being together will not ask Unfollow, though.)

@chrissyteigen / Wikipedia / Via Twitter: @chrissyteigen

Anyway, congratulations, Chrissy. And there’s only one should feel free to Vote [checks follower count] 13.7 million people – who are not @POTUS – watching.

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