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‘Christmas Miracle’: No One Seriously Injured After ‘Major Vehicle Collision’ on Christmas Day




At certain times of the year, it is more common to see tractors and other large farm equipment on public roads in rural areas as they move from farm to farm.

They are relatively slow, however, and many agencies warn drivers in rural areas to drive carefully, as mixing large, slow equipment and fast cars can be a bad combination.

That combination led to a major fallen on Saturday in Rusk County, Texas – and because of the state of the vehicles involved, it was a Christmas miracle with no seriously injured.

Ang Crims Chapel Volunteer Fire Department The Facebook page posted about the incident over Christmas.


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“Crims Chapel VFD was responding to a crash involving a vehicle and a tractor on U.S. Highway 259 North at CR 236,” it wrote. “Please be careful in the area.”

The photos show a crumpled white SUV, most of its front was torn, the windshield was broken, the passenger door was hanging on the car and the gifts were spewed out.

The car damage looks catastrophic – but someone is watching over the people involved.

“Update: By a Christmas miracle, no one was seriously injured in this crash,” the post continues. “An SUV collided with a large tractor pulling a bush hog. The passage will be dehydrated and will reopen soon.

“Final update: @ 11: 37, As mentioned earlier, It was truly a miracle on Christmas day where none of the occupants of these two vehicles were seriously injured in this major vehicle collision on US Hwy 259 and CR 236 in Rusk County, ”the department posted.

“The driveway is removed with as much debris as possible, but ask to be careful because hydraulic oil can still leave the driveway relatively smooth. Thanks for Wayne Griffith’s Towing’s quick response. All units are no longer on the scene and the passage is completely open. “


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According to Steel Solutions, disasters in between farm Equipment and vehicles can only take a few seconds to build.

“If a car is traveling 60 mph and approaching a tractor from behind traveling 20 mph, it only takes 6.5 seconds for the car to travel 400 feet and meet the rear of that tractor … ….. not much time, “its website says.

The equipment industry site also encouraged anyone driving near farm equipment to be careful when trying to pass slower -moving vehicles and keep a safe distance back.

Fortunately, both sides involved in this particular accident were able to celebrate another Christmas, and hopefully they will never have such a nearby disaster again.

This article originally appeared on The Western Journal.

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