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Chrome OS 89 is rolling out with Phone Hub, native screen recording, and more




As we celebrate Chrome OS’s 10th anniversary today, Google has announced a lot of cool new Chrome OS 89 features to celebrate. Milestone Update improves Chromebooks with several changes to improve the user experience. Here are some of the Chrome OS features available on eligible devices that Google announced today.

Phone hub and Wi-Fi synchronization


A month has passed for us. We have covered the working version of Phone Hub. Within Chrome OS. Since then, Google has been working on the back side to prepare for launch. Phone Hub launched on Chrome OS 89, promising tight integration between Android and Chromebooks. You can respond to text messages on your phone, see battery and phone signals, and find them on your Chromebook. Additionally, Phone Hub displays a few of your phone’s recent Chrome tabs, so you can easily start where you left off. This feature also adds enhanced Wi-Fi synchronization that stores network passwords between devices..

To use Phone Hub, you need: Latest Google Play Services Installed on your phone. Turn on Bluetooth on your Chromebook and phone, and you’ll see Phone Hub on the shelf.

Nearby sharing

Nearby Sharing is also coming to Chromebooks, and Google hints will be coming to Chromebooks in the coming months. If you don’t want to wait, you can enable it in the flag via: chrome: // flags / # nearby-Share and chrome: // # enable-sharesheet

Upgraded screen capture experience


Google is upgrading the screen capture experience. Searchable and intuitive. The new tool allows you to take full, partial or window screenshots, and you can even bake them in a screen recorder. You can access Screen Recorder and Snipping Tools right from the shelf settings. The added search feature allows tablets to access these tools without having to connect a keyboard. The screen recorder can switch the microphone and save the recording to .webm. On my Pixel Slate, I record at an average of 30 FPS with a 48 kHz audio sample rate.

Don’t lose files with Tote

Holding a space hero

No one likes to dive deep into the maze of directories to find their files. In order to resolve these complaints, Google is using Tote (Previous holding space) Added to Chrome OS 89, a handy productivity feature. Tote gives you quick access to screenshots and recent downloads from the taskbar. You can also pin essential files here so you don’t want to trace the directory again. You can also save time by dragging and dropping files and photos into the Chrome app with your mouse or finger.

To be more productive, right-click to pin important files and choose Pin. Pinned and recent files are displayed on a shelf next to the system tray.

Improved media control

Global media control

Google has reorganized its media controls to clean up the notification tray of Chrome OS 89. Instead of interfering, Chrome OS Media control inside the card Below a quick toggle. You can find notifications (fast forward or rewind), pause and play or dismiss. If you only want to keep the active playback clicked, you can choose to pin it to the shelf. Similar to Android 11’s media controls, it looks and feels much more stylish than the old-style cards.

Powerful virtual desk


Virtual Desks is receiving important updates from Chrome OS 89 to improve productivity. You can add up to 8 virtual desks, reorder them with the cursor, and send windows to specific desks. The virtual desk persists across device reboots, so you can jump right into the task.

fast answer

fast answer

Google is distributing Quick Answers on Chromebooks to make it easier to find answers. Quick Answers powered by Google Assistant provides definitions, translations, and translations. When you right-click on a word on a web page, you’ll see a new Google Assistant card.

Improved clipboard


Chrome OS 89 offers a clipboard manager that makes your productivity even better. Instead of guessing the word you copied, you can refer to the clipboard manager. This feature allows you to work creatively and freely without fear of losing the text or images you are working on. It helps to maintain a better workflow when writing or replacing Chrome windows.

To use the improved clipboard, copy an image or text from a web page, then press the Launcher (Everything) key + V. Up to 5 recently copied items are displayed in the clipboard manager.

Simplified Family Link

Config screen _opt for parents

Google has simplified the Family Link settings that appear when you first boot up Chrome OS 89 on your device. Parents can add a school account when setting up their child’s personal Google Account. Parents can supervise their children while they use school apps like Google Classroom. You can also help your child generate a PIN to make it easier to access their account.

Media app annotation


With Chrome OS 89, the Picasso inside (not really) Annotate photos in the media app. You have access to three different drawing media: pen, highlighter and eraser. Ink sizes range from “ultra-thin” to “ultra-thick”, with several colors to choose from. This feature helped me to take screenshots, take notes and improve the meme game.

Once you’re annotated, double-click the photo in the Files app. When the media app launches, click on the annotation tool next to the Edit Photos button.

Intuitive text-to-speech

Settings screen for parents.max-2000x2000

Google is committed to making it easier for users with disabilities to access their Chromebooks. In Chrome OS 89, developers have improved the text-to-speech user experience. There are new controls to speed up, slow down, pause the voice and jump to different parts.

You can enable text-to-speech by switching the feature in the Ease of Access section of Chrome OS Settings.

Fresh new icon set

Visual app refresh cropping

Most of the Chrome OS’s built-in app icons now have a new paint color to match the OS aesthetic. The canvas and calculator are one of several new system app icons and look great.

The features highlighted in Google’s official announcement are just the surface of the new features in Chrome OS 89. We’ll take a closer look at more new and experimental features in future articles. Chrome OS 89 can take days to reach your device, but overall it’s an interesting release worth the wait.


In celebration of the 10th anniversary of Chrome OS, we would like to thank Google for sending us an exclusive prize that includes a travel bag with iconic color bars and stickers.


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