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CLG officially enters Valorant with bENITA as the IGL of CLG Red




The popular North American sports organization Counter Logic Gaming has officially entered Valorant esports launching the Valorant list under the CLG red flag. It will be led by Benita “bENITA” Novshadian.

Counter Logic Gaming (CLG) is an American esports organization known for its lineup “League of Legends”. Counter Logic Gaming Red (CLG Red) is the women’s team of CLG.

CLG has officially announced that the organization will enter the competitive Valorant esport with a full CLG Red women’s list.

CLG Red enters Valorant

CLG Red was founded in 2015 to provide space for women in competitive sports. Since its formation, the list has won several CS: GO tournaments and has become one of the best women’s esports teams in the world.

CLG has officially announced that it will enter the Valorant competitive sport with the CLG Red Valorant list. The list will be led by Benita “bENITA” Novshadian, a member of the original CLG Red CS: GO list.

Regarding the announcement, bENITA had to say:

I am so honored and proud to be the leader in the game and captain of this new project, the dream is to have more games within the red brand

The initial three members of the CLG list Red Valorant bENITA will be announced in the coming days.

CLG is the latest organization to pave the way for a more gender-inclusive competitive environment in Valorant esports

Since its inception, esports related to competitive shooters has been a dominant male environment. However, this has been changing lately.

Teams like The evil genius debuted in the Valorant list which includes storks, and CLG is the latest organization to sign a women ‘s list for Valorant.

Other organizations include:

  • Dignitas female
  • Cloud 9 White
  • Moon Racoon
  • Infinity
  • Team sailor scout
  • Australia

Popular industry insider Jake Lucky also noted that several other organizations are showing interest in forming a women’s list, including TSM.

The rest of the players joining BENITI are still a mystery. However, one thing is for sure; the Valorant team will surely be the one to look out for.

Posted March 16, 2021, 6:09 PM IST