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CNN 10 – 3 December 2021




First, this Friday, we are recounting a confrontation between NATO and Russia over recent events near Ukraine. The 2022 Winter Olympics are less than three months away, but uncertainty and controversy are in the press. There has been a block in Major League Baseball for the first time in decades. And the house “Sun at home” is rented.

1. What name, a Greek letter, did the World Health Organization give to a new mutation (or variant) of Covid-19 that has recently been identified in South Africa?

2. What two-word term has been used to describe the annual shopping and sports chaos in Philadelphia and the time when U.S. retailers often show profits?

3. Which Caribbean island nation officially became a republic this week after replacing the ceremonial role of Queen Elizabeth II with the new president?

4. The country named in answer 3 was established in 1627 by which nation, from which the island gained its independence in 1966?

5. Which CEO of the company has resigned this week, having co-founded the business and run between 2006-2008 and 2015-2021?

6. What two-word term was first used in 2005 to describe an increase in a specific type of shopping that took place four days after Thanksgiving?

7. The US Federal Reserve says supply chain problems threaten to prolong the rise in prices for goods and services, which is known in one word?

8. In an effort to better protect animals, have African conservationists recently relocated 30 members of which species of rhinoceros the largest?

9. Does a NATO-Russia confrontation refer to the events surrounding which Eastern European nation, which has experienced an armed conflict since 2014?

10. Due to a dispute between owners and players, what has just happened to Major League Baseball for the first time since the 1994 and 1995 seasons?

CNN 10 caters to a growing audience interested in a la carte compact news broadcasts ideal for those looking for moving or classroom explanations. The priority of the show is to identify stories of international importance and then clearly describe why they are making headlines, who is affected, and how events fit into a complex international society.

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