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CNN 10 – April 23, 2021




U.S. President Joe Biden begins a virtual climate summit with leaders from around the world. Researchers are developing wearable technology that can be attached to the skin. Turkish designers are planning a floating hotel that will generate its own electricity. And a superiot moves carefully down a narrow channel.

1. Which “season,” running from June 1 to November 30, is subject to high-interest forecasts as a result of last year’s historic season?

2. In Idaho, the annual event of a rancher recently closed Highway 55 near the capital Boise. What was the farmer doing?

3. What is the financial term for the condition when prices rise and money buys less, a measure that has risen 2.6 percent from last year in the U.S.?

4. What travel-related industry, which accounts for more than 5% of U.S. GDP and lost billions of dollars last year, is experiencing signs of recovery?

5. Which U.S. medical agency recently revised its guidelines on cleaning surfaces with disinfectants?

6. Recently, did researchers gather information about the daily habits of what type of wolf, which they tracked with a neck camera in northern Minnesota?

7. Which nation, which experienced a powerful earthquake and tsunami in 2011, has a controversial plan to release treated radioactive wastewater into the Pacific?

8. What Central African nation is experiencing political uncertainty following the recent and mysterious death of its longtime president?

9. Which two countries, which were the first to propose a “travel bubble” during the coronavirus pandemic, recently announced that they had formed this bubble?

10. Starting on Earth Day (April 22), U.S. President Joe Biden hosted an online summit focused on what main topic?

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