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CNN at the border: Why migrants say they’re making the dangerous journey now




Weekday all familiar image of the sun setting over despair, Rio Grande Valley. For some of the iron of the weeping of the women, the little children, talk with others about the things to the money-bags of astonishing size, and dragged them into the mouth of the muddy river: it is in linen, and gird them with girdles, where it is a group of men, a life awaits them, when to cross from Mexico to the United States of America, to take turns. Alone in that day, An affirmation of the authorities, to migrants who had been captured by the valley of the 2,000 line feeds.

“I did not come away with a new opportunity,” said someone who, while traveling with his wife and daughter.

This will surge to US officials attributed to the different parts of the country, with the pandemic of low and perceptions of migrants who are in the hospital several new president Fudge policies.

‘To make a life here’

CNN host countries to maintain offset, Texas, Rio Grande through multiple times.

Roxana Rivera, 28, said she and her daughters left Honduras after 6 years back, behind-the-home November hurricanes, which cut down on it.

The Word, and returning into his house, and Rivera, he said, was that the US was allowing them to provide the children out of the people of his own accord to cross the border, however, – which it is not true at all. When she heard the news he said. But relative to the US ambassadors to the same information. Other migrants who have similar stories.

When she crossed the limit is lifted partnership Rivera – mostly children mothers – was taken through the country agents. The migrants that are processed, then to the bus station in Brownsville, Texas, where they are tested for nonprofits Covid, 19 and supplies offered before their release. The brothers had planned to stay in an urn or when the relay case is processed.

Ice agency seeks volunteers for the Mexico-US border between waves to help the children of migrant

“You always dream about your child at home,” said Rivera, becoming emotional. “… We have not had a dream home.”

And he said, About this time, he was sorry, and Rivera is a long road behind him by the army, under the North – from the danger of the life of Cicero, the daughter of his. At times, his own food, and that it is not about the girl she could ask to offer. One hour and told her daughter become dehydrated. Seek medical attention now to another daughter who was in Mexico with a fever.

Maria Mendoza, 30 years old newcomer to the airline protein time, he appeared exhausted and arrived in Brownsville after processing by officials quiver. He was hoping to reunite with his brother to live in Maryland, said in tears.

But the rest of the night, the ship, recalled that, with the passage of Mendoza, along the Rio Grande in the flipped ordering all freemen to mothers of many waters. He was 6 years old you do not eat for days and her daughter did not go hungry. And I remembered the serpent said, the daughter of his, by the way of escaping it.

“More than that, I want to go to my house these days,” he said. “We want to make a life here. A better future for our children.”

“We do not have anywhere to put people;

The field station where the migrants are being set up by the developer.
authorities have captured encountered more than 100,000 migrants on March 3, according to the finding in the end the period of four weeks ending with the data from the CNN. In the same time frame for the five hundred marks of the waves of the highest levels of the year.

4,000 to 5,000 people are encountering daily limit agents, according to the Homeland Security official.

Biden & # 39;  test's end face of terrible, dramatic, angry and fluctuates between foreigners

“We’re close,” said Chris Cabrera, speaking on behalf of the National Border Patrol Council, the border patrol agents. “We’re overcrowded. We humans do not have to wear anyway.”

He added, “We have them in custody, and there’s no reason bogged down and send them to us.”

A foreigner is without question the next administration.

On Wednesday, without the number reached more than 3,700 children are in the custody of the Border Patrol, has learned to CNN. Many chains like facilities along the border.

Border Patrol on Wednesday, without actually perceived nearly 800 foreigners – 450 run daily on average, according to a Homeland Security official.

About 8.800 US Health and Human Services unaccompanied children into custody, the department confirmed Thursday, up nearly 7,700 from the prior week.

“The border is open”

The James Biden’s coordinator in the southern region called migrate to the administration now is not the time.

“It’s important that it will cost do not really have to make a journey in the first place, so as to provide for, and to them to do as they were in the way to the other of two things, because it is not safe for him in the way,” he said of Mercury.

“So you know we do not want … it’s really get the message, which are very important, because the perception is not the same thing as a limit in terms of both being and do not open.”

Jacques administration again the message: “The border is open.” Trump said the administration relay pill ‘is worse than it intentionally. “

Biden should come up with Mexico

“We can not just solve management activities four years ago to the previous night,” said James, adding that it will take “a significant win” Trump effects of immigration policy.

While the new administration’s handling of the critical state drawn by Republicans and Democrats.

Biden administration of the immigration cases without waiting for the most important act of the free How dangerous to himself, which he does not have the continued migration of peoples, has made clear. Some families admitted to the US on a case-by-case basis. A change in the boy’s small chili detention from US immigration law is preventing them from turning into agents of migrant families.

Brownsville, Sandra, 38, said Sarai Honduras after years of threats and the family. Her name was, and that it is not so abundant today, that she herself is the victim of the domestic violence. Once you are in a relative showed up at his house with a gun fire and opened it. One of the other members of the family and questions about the killing of her husband and warned him.

He lived with her son returning to our city on the Mexican border last year – where he taught until students – and it appeared in the US asylum case.

Now, a woman from Brownsville who love them are young and Sandra opened to her son. And this week they perceived themselves to have no power of hearing in June. Wiping away tears, he said: Titus did not return to Honduras.

“I have to leave for good,” he said. “I can not live in the country.”

CNN’s Sanch Priscilla and Ray Alvarez, Geneva Sands attention and Sanchez wrote this play in New York.