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CNN October 10 – 15, 2021




Not just in California: a “traffic jam” is also piling up on the east coast of the U.S. and we report on what is said to be the weakest nexus in the global supply chain. Meanwhile, workers in Italy use bacteria to preserve the nation’s historic artifacts. And some serious Star Wars fans in Russia are building their own X-Wing.

1. In which country will you find the Orkney Islands, where a drone (or unmanned aerial vehicle) is being tested as a means of transporting mail?

2. What did a queen recently give back in Brooklyn, Mississippi, to a nominee for her late mother?

3. Does the Taiwanese government say it is facing its “most complex situation” in 72 years with which country?

4. Which is the largest low-cost airline in the world that has recently canceled thousands of flights for reasons partially discussed by the Federal Aviation Administration?

5. What is the most important factor in the price of gasoline: a commodity that is significantly influenced by OPEC production decisions?

6. AMADEE-20, a mission launched on October 10 in the Negev desert of Israel, aims to simulate what?

7. Which nation is destined to conduct new research on the origin of Covid, even though some health officials say they are concerned that it is not true in their findings?

8. Did the U.S. Department of Labor say U.S. workers set a record in August for what action they were taking?

9. In what city in Georgia will you find the third largest port in America, behind the California and New York locations?

10. In which city, which has the most sources in the world, are efforts being made to preserve artifacts by bacteria?

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