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College applications in pandemic year show deepening inequities in access to higher education 




Many students today are not getting access to the college application process, through them and frustrate … the financial aid application process, “said Mamie Voight, the interim President of the Institute for Higher Education Policy.” We were such that we have deep inequities in higher education system in pandemic and carried in stark relief, “he added.

And when he understood that it does add to the burden of the students, many schools have a standardized testing is done, as she was sitting, at the choice. While the students but to make things easier for unions selective exit once a huge surge in use.

“Maybe there is more students apply to Ivy League or a school like NYU because I feel like I have a chance (now test scores are optional): said John logo-Finn, Senior Vice President for Enrollment Management at New York University. NYU saw a 20% this year applications in the spike. had a 42% increase Colgate University and received more than double (102%) of applications in this last year.

In addition to this the eyes Voight popping and number, and there is no law. “The vast majority of students enrolled in public schools across the country is much more open access … bigger,” she said. “And for them, since they’re not the same types of spikes in applications such as selective schools had in mind.”

In fact, many schools keeping in the opposite direction. Community College of Middlesex in Massachusetts, that is 40% of the student body with a first-generation college students, a number saw a 10% drop last fall and this spring is still 18% drop.

With so much damage to the students to make it easier to efforts by the school to attend. “We extended registration deadlines,” says James Mabry, president of Middlesex Community College. “We have to make a way that the students are able to perform indulgence to those one ought to do. It is not lawful pay all their expenses they have had concerning the first semesters the students are to be urged now a long time. We went out and brought him to the foundations of the majority of scholarship money is our God, and they offered additional help to the students.”

End of the day will not be enough. Mabry disciples came and said to those, which there are many, financially hard hit in the economic impact of a pandemic is among the so much so that the substance of, and to choose the education. “And some of the work for the time they fight. And many of them just trying to put food on the table … their goals, their dreams, and better education careful attention to life were quite rudely carried on this side of the table . “

The same trend teaches the use of a given country. “One of them was made, how many are college students apply for financial aid for … next year’s applications,” said Voight. “Those data show that the number of new students is down from nearly 10% for the next year. The longer the largest in the schools with the proportions of low-income students and students of color, again deepening inequities in access to college when they were pandemic. “

He that turneth away he thought best in the community colleges areHe traditionally play a vital role in life as a steppingstone or a traditional four-year college. I now have to worry whether they will ever return to potential students. “Americans can do little more than that of mobility and provides higher education are less likely to attend college could be longer,” says Voight. “That’s a problem for all of us today and for generations ahead.”