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Commentary: 80 House GOP Members Vote for Bill That Funds Federal Vaccine Spying Database




The House of Representatives recently passed House Resolution 550, also known as the “Immunization Infrastructure Modernization Act of 2021.”

Its purpose bill is to obtain funding for “modernization and expansion of vaccination system data.”

Stated in less vague terms like “expand, improve, and enhance vaccination information systems,” it essentially means the government wants to keep track of who has and who hasn’t been vaccinated.

As officially defined by the bill, “immunization information system” means a confidential, population -based, computerized database that records immunization doses administered by any health care provider to people within the geographic area covered by that database. “

It seems like something that will only be supported Democrats, but a healthy minority of Republican representatives also voted in favor of this bill.


80 House GOP Members Vote for Bill Funding the Federal Vaccine Spying Database

While 214 Democrats voted yes, 80 Republicans joined them in supporting the bill, as Office of the Clerk of the House of Representatives reported.

Surprisingly, representatives for Kentucky, Florida, Nebraska and Texas were among some of the Republicans who voted in favor of passing the bill.

These representatives voted to allow $ 400 million in taxpayer funding to go into tracking vaccine rates.

The bill is a major point of contention for some members of the House.

Do you support this bill?

Republican Rep. Jefferson Van Drew of New Jersey voted no and spoke out loudly against the bill.

“This bill is another attempt by House Democrats to extend their government overreach by tracking unvaccinated individuals and documenting personal health decisions made by Americans,” he said. Van Drew, Within NJ reported.

“There’s no reason that $ 400 million in taxpayer dollars should be used to fund a program that creates a database to store citizens private medical information about vaccination status,” he said.

“The majority in Congress is doing everything they can to take control of the Americans and exercise federal control over every aspect of our daily lives. We have repeatedly seen Democrats waste dollars of paying taxes on law like this. “

Van Drew said Democrats should focus instead on inflation, rising gas prices and the supply chain crisis.


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“As legislators, we must make sure that Americans can put food on the table and the shelves are stocked for the holidays, not spending more money to create an unnecessary and useless program,” he said. he says.

The main sponsor of the bill, Democratic Rep. Ann Kuster from New Hampshire, said the bill was meant to help Taking care of your health provider and patient.

“These systems can allow providers to keep vaccines and supplies in stock, prevent over – or under – vaccination, remind patients when they should be for a recommended vaccine, and identify areas that there is a low vaccination rate to ensure equal distribution of vaccines, ”he said in a statement.

But there must be some reluctance in increasing the government’s capabilities to track individuals, even if it is protected and safe as supporters of the bill say.

As the Republican Rep. Said. Mary Miller of Illinois (who voted no), it could allow the federal government to “track” unvaccinated Americans who may be “targeted and forced to comply with [President Joe] Biden’s crazy ‘global vaccination’ vision. “

“These systems are designed to allow the sharing of vital information and the maintenance of records. Do we really trust the government to protect our medical records? ”Miller said Breitbart News.

“The author of the bill further boasted in his press release that these systems will help the government remind patients when they should be for a recommended vaccine and identify areas with low vaccination rates to ensure equal distribution of vaccines. It’s clearly a legislative tool to enforce vaccine mandates and force their Orwellian rules on those who don’t follow. ”

This article originally appeared on The Western Journal.

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