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Commentary: Biden Admin Alerts Americans: You’re Going to Be Paying 54% More If You Want Heat This Winter



As if Americans weren’t suffering enough amid rising inflation, their heating charges this winter could be 54 percent higher than a year ago, when Donald Trump was president. and energy costs are not so high as they are today.

“We expect households across the United States to spend more on energy this winter compared to the previous many winters because of higher energy prices and because we assume a colder winter than last year in almost all. of the United States, “the US Energy Information Administration wrote in a alarming report Wednesday

The EIA, which is the statistical arm of the Biden administration’s Department of Energy, said prices for all fuels will be higher this winter than in previous years, and the costs will be passed on to buyers.

“On average across the United States, we expect prices for all fuels to be higher than in previous winters,” the EIA wrote.

“Rising wholesale prices for natural gas, crude oil, and petroleum products are being passed on to retail prices.”


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Rocket energy prices came as no surprise after President Joe Biden reduced America’s oil freedom by stopping the construction of Keystone XL Pipeline at stopping new oil and gas leases on public lands.

This is part of a vicious initiative to make climate change the focus of his administration’s internal policy.

So far, it all is destroying the strength of the nation freedom, eliminate jobs in the energy sector and set the stage for higher utility costs for all Americans, including high gas prices. That is what we see today.

The EIA report said Americans will be affected by steep energy prices regardless of the fuel source they use to heat their homes.

  • “We estimate that households in [the South, Northeast and the Midwest] will spend $ 631 (54%) more on average for propane this winter compared to last winter. “
  • “We expect households that use natural gas as their primary space fuel will spend $ 746 this winter, 30% more than they spent last winter.”
  • “We expect that heating households with propane in the Northeast will cost an average of $ 2012, which will be 47% more than last winter.”
  • “We expect U.S. households that primarily heat on electricity will spend an average of $ 1,268 this winter on their electricity bills, which is 6% more than last winter.”

Naturally, these heating costs would be even higher if the winter was colder than expected: Propane users would see a 94 percent price increase, according to the EIA.

It cannot be said to be pathetic if people harden to death because they could not afford their heavenly heating bills.


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Biden and the Democratic Party claim to champion the middle class and low -income groups, but those are the people who are more hurt by rising energy prices and widespread inflation.

Mark Wolfe, executive director of the National Energy Assistance Directors’ Association, said the poorest Americans will suffer the most.

“It will create significant hardship for people in the bottom third of the country,” Wolfe said The Associated Press. “You can tell them to reduce and try to reduce the heat at night, but a lot of low -income families have already done that. The energy is no longer capable of them.”

Carol Hardison is the CEO of Crisis Assistance Ministry, which helps poor people in Charlotte, North Carolina.

He agreed rising consumer prices Low -income Americans will be hurt.

Hardison told the AP that households seeking help with his group this year have unpaid bills that are twice as high as a year ago.

As Americans struggle under the weight of our cratering economy, Biden’s top priorities appear. mass imports unentered armies of illegal aliens and inciting racial wars.

This article originally appeared on The Western Journal.

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