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Commentary: Biden Can’t Stop Saying 13-Letter Word That Is Nowhere to Be Found in English Language




President Joe Biden isn’t very well known for his eloquence these days, but I always attribute his occasional (OK, often frequent) tongue twitching to his age (he’s 79) and, perhaps, the slowdown of the mind.

I have no theories, however, about his frequent use of a word that is not in the English language.

The word is “expodentially.” Biden looks like this pronounced the word “exponentially.”

And no, I don’t speak about once or twice when he had a cold or a touch of hay fever and his “N” is a bit like “D.”

I’m talking about dozens of instances where he intentionally and clearly said “expodentially,” which isn’t how you pronounce “exponentially” or a word in its own right.


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Significant excessive use of this non-word was observed by members of Republican Party media team, while the official @GOP Twitter account shared a video containing numerous examples, back and forth, of Biden it uses the strange killing of the English language.

It’s pretty stunning.

It’s not one of those videos that’s just a collection of deceptively edited clips to look like, for example, an apolitical teenager in Kenosha, Wisconsin, who shot three people in self-defense. is a fearsome white supremacist.

Just, you know, to pick a completely random example of how to deceptively edit Twitter videos.

No, the collection of clips the GOP was able to capture is fattening, and Biden’s way of mispronouncing “exponentially” becomes even more bizarre throughout the short clip.

Check it out:

This isn’t the first time I’ve asked this question, and I doubt it’s the last: What in the world happening with Joe Biden?

Often, we get attention to his brain freeze moments before the teleprompter or those times he forgot things like where he is, what office he runs for or the name of the Pentagon, the secretary of defense and the person he or she chooses to fill the Cabinet seat, simultaneously.


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All of this is consistent with someone who, at the very least in appearance alone, has difficulty staying focused, using a teleprompter and remembering simple information that is highly relevant to the tasks at hand.

I’ve been suffering from a serious case of mom’s brain for almost a decade and I’ve probably forgotten why I walked into a room or mixed up my children’s names at least once a day. Of course, I am not the ruler of the free world and I have no access to nuclear code.

Sure, though, we can say that just because Biden’s brain is frighteningly fuzzy doesn’t mean he’s going to blow us all up because he mixed his video game controller into nuclear football.

There’s a whole group of people around him to keep him on track, right?

After all, we know that Biden expressed fear that “have a problem”If he asked too many questions to reporters.

We know there were people who wrote to him useful notes about what’s on his chin when he’s on live TV.

We know that many people in the White House’s employ are no higher starting the septuagenarian president around, especially when he becomes dangerously close to the naughty White House press pool.

Is there something wrong with Joe Biden?

We even know that there are rumors of a strategy called “The Wall” used by Biden’s staff to protect him from those intrusive reporters.

So pretty firmly that Biden has handles, and they wait for him to prevent him from making a fool of himself – at least, they tried.

This raises the question – why did no one tell him that “expodentially” is not a word?

I mean, we all remember how the whole world reacted when President Donald Trump nonsensically included the words “covfefe” and “Hamberder” in tweets – the former has positively dominated the news cycle for several days, if I recall.

But Biden consistently uses a word with nothing and no one looking.

What gives?

This article originally appeared on The Western Journal.

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