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Commentary: Biden’s Brain Breaks, He Misquotes Declaration of Independence Then Forgets the Rest



He was brainwashed by President Joe Biden on Wednesday in his latest attempt to cite the Declaration of Independence, though this time it occurred as Biden posted to reporters about how difficult he was at an earlier meeting with Russian President Vladimir Putin.

Biden sat with Putin for several hours in Geneva on Wednesday for an expected meeting of the two leaders. Confidence in Biden’s ability to finger the Russian leader plummeted when it was announced that Biden would not participate in a joint media briefing with the former KGB agent following the talks.

But in his own briefing, Biden described the meeting as one in which he spoke harshly and Put listened.

Do you think the president spoke with enthusiasm and stamina during the meeting? If he did it, he spent time done.

Biden again gaffed during his solo media briefing: He again can’t remember the words to Declaration of Independence, a document he has struggled at length to think of since last year.


Putin calls Biden a ‘Very Experienced Statemen’

Biden said he told Putin that “no president of the United States can remain faithful to the American people if they do not speak out to defend our democratic values, to stand up for the universal and fundamental freedoms that all have. men and women, in our view. “

“That’s just part of our country’s DNA, so human rights are always on the table,” I told him. “It’s about who we are. How can I be president of the United States of America and not speak out against violations?” on human rights? ”said the president.

“I told him that unlike other countries, including Russia, we are uniquely a product of an idea. You’ve heard me say it over and over, but I’ll keep saying it. What’s that idea? We didn’t get it. our rights from the government. We have them because we were born. Time And we give them to a government. “

Biden attempted to proclaim the Declaration of Independence but failed as he had done before, while also revealing that he criticized his own country while sitting with someone whose country had never been close to putting value on the lives of tao.

“So in the forum, I taught him … I will continue to raise basic human rights issues,” he said. “Because that’s what we are, that’s us.

“The idea is, we hold these truths clear, that all men and women – we haven’t fully fulfilled them yet, but we’ve always expanded the arch of commitment.”


Here are the Anti-Trump Talking Points on Biden’s Note Card in England

Ang line What Biden seeks is, “We hold these truths to be self -evident, that all human beings are created equal, that they are endowed by their Creator with certain inalienable Rights, among which are Life, Freedom and the pursuit of Happiness. “

It avoided him on Wednesday at Geneva, as it did in March 2020 in a speech on Super Tuesday.

“We keep these facts to be self -evident,” he said after a series of surprising victories with the mainstream Democrat. “All men and women are created by the go – you know, you know, the thing.”

The thing is, yes. That “thing” is that all men and women are created by God and their rights to life and liberty are in fact non -transferable. Those rights are not a gift from the government but divine.

You think Biden referred that to Putin without using the flashcards, or without pivoting before conveying a wise point in a cruel about the values ​​loved by Americans?

We just hope. The truth is, we don’t know what happened behind closed doors in Switzerland.

We just think.

This article originally appeared on The Western Journal.

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