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Commentary: Cuomo Says ‘Cancel Culture’ Is Out to Get Him and He Won’t Give In




We get to the not-if-but-if part of Andrew Cuomo’s career-spiral death, something that is entertaining to watch if it doesn’t involve dying care patients and suspected victims of abuse.

This is an amazing ones number seven We forgot about the number 12,743. The latter is the true number of COVID deaths estimated to have occurred due to contracted coronavirus in nursing homes after New York Attorney General Letitia James ’report on Cuomo’s management undercount.

Seven, meanwhile, is the current number of women who have accused the governor of sexual misconduct. As I mentioned before, don’t expect that number to remain static.

It could be said that the unnamed sixth defendant would be Cuomo’s final demolition – if, frankly, anything could embarrass him in resigning at this point. According to Albany Times Union, the gubernatorial aide said he was “called on [governor’s] mansion under the apparent pretext of him assisting the governor with a minor technical issue involving his mobile phone. They were alone in Cuomo’s private residence on the second floor of the mansion when he closed the door and allegedly reached under his blouse and began taking care of him, according to the source. “

As the Times Union noted, “[t]He describes in more detail the worst behavior attributed to the governor to date-behavior that could be perpetuated as a misdemeanor sexual assault.

This Wednesday. On Thursday, a Wall Street Journal accused Cuomo’s top aides of calling on former staff in an attempt to discredit the governor’s first public accuser, former aide Lindsey Boylan.

“The calls were made by current administration officials and former aides who are still close to the governor’s office, according to several recipients,” the Journal reported.

“The outreach came at the behest of Melissa DeRosa, the governor’s top aide, according to people familiar with the effort.”

DeRosa, whose expert memories will also be remembered, was the ally who told New York Democrat lawmakers that they did not release to the public the nurses ’death data because they“ stiffened ”after the Department of Justice initiated an investigation.

Anyone following Cuomo’s press conference-call hoping for a resignation is unfamiliar with how the current New York governor rolled. In fact, the whole thing is billed as a regular coronavirus update.

It turned out to be Cuomo, a Democrat, who accused Democrats of calling for his resignation (along with both Senator of New York) of “cancel culture.”

Really. Since 2021 it hasn’t gotten any worse.

“Politicians who don’t know a single fact but form a conclusion and an opinion are I think reckless and dangerous.

People in New York should not have confidence in a politician who takes an opinion without knowing the facts and ingredients, ”Cuomo told the conference, according to The hill.

“People know the difference between playing politics, stooping to cancel culture and the truth. Let’s continue the analysis, I’m not going to resign, I’m not elected by politicians, I’m elected by the people.”

Why was he canceled? Cuomo – who was loved by his own party less than a year ago that a good portion of them would hook Joe Biden to the concrete and throw him over the edge of a trawler somewhere in Long Island Sound if that meant the The governor of New York could be their nominee for the presidency – said that because he was an outsider.

“I’m not part of the political club, and you know what? I’m proud of it,” Cuomo said.

“I’ve been in public my whole life. My whole life has been under public scrutiny, since I was 23 years old and ran my father’s campaign. New Yorkers know me. Wait for the facts.”

Yeah, the man whose father is a three-time governor of New York and the subject of the long-term speculation of the presidency is not “part of the political club,” so he has been “in the public eye my whole life. .. since I was 23 years old and ran my father’s campaign. ”

In February, Disney fired “The Mandalorian” actress Gina Carano after comments she made comparing the treatment of conservatives to the political demon in Nazi Germany.

Earlier this week, Mumford & Sons banjoist Winston Marshall said he would take “time away from the band to check my blindspots” then read Andy Ngo’s anti-antifa book and praises it.

Even Dr. Seuss recently canceled for caricatures deemed insensitive to race.

You know who hasn’t canceled? A governor who has covered thousands of COVID nursing deaths, has expressed no sympathy and defended at least seven incidents of sexual misconduct. That’s not “cancel the culture.” That’s it really participating in behavior that may (and should) cancel him or her.

It’s not if but when. Governor Cuomo may have resigned a long time ago and saved himself from this tough unconscious. Now he wants us to believe, because people are really canceled, that he is a victim of cancel the culture because he is not part of the “part of the political club” even though he is the very definition of it.

It’s time for him to go – and stop blaming others (or “cancel the culture”) for his own self -evident mistakes.

This article originally appeared on The Western Journal.


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