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COMMENTARY: Dem Rep. Ted Lieu Suggests Trump, ‘Kung Flu’ Could Have Led to Atlanta Shooting Spree




Democratic Rep. Vying. Ted Lieu of California to effectively blame former President Donald Trump on Wednesday for the community massacre in the Atlanta area in which six Asian women were murdered in massage parlors.

Clearly, reminding people of the origin of pathogens and diseases today is tantamount to inciting murder. Soon after eight people, including Asian women, killed of the three Georgia businesses, Lieu shamelessly blames the former president on Twitter.

“A year ago, we had former Presidents and White House officials inciting hatred against Asian Americans. Some elected officials continued to use ethnic identifiers to describe the virus, adding of fuel in hatred. If you are one of those officers, please stop, “he tweeted.

“The former President burned discrimination against Asian Americans by using racist phrases like If Flu. I urge any officials who continue to use ethnic identifiers to describe the virus to please stop doing it, “Lieu added. “You’re adding fuel to the fire of hatred.”

Si Lieu also joined CNN to share his anger.

magkatakata, of course, continue to remind the American people that the Chinese communist government allowed the spread of COVID-19 to become an international pandemic, and there is clearly no example in the minds of leftists who complain about terms like “China virus, “” Chinese coronavirus, “” Wuhan virus “or even the oh-so-insensitive” If Flu. “

Although we do not yet know the exact origin of early coronavirus infections, we do know what was responsible for its release into the world: communism was in power.

Ang The Chinese regime allowed international flights outside Wuhan until January 23, after public health officials learned they were dealing with a deadly and contagious.

More than a year later, life is different almost everywhere – but not in Wuhan.

This city is like a block party, if you believe videos that will show up in China.

Here in this country, hundreds of thousands of people have died while millions have not had their mental health tested. In addition, we learned in 2020 that Democrats are looking at the Bill of Rights as a revocable license and that some of the party’s foot soldiers – teacher unions – don’t really care about students.

Democrats like Lieu have blamed Trump for the coronavirus, and he appropriately reminds people whose fault it really is.

Trump has been blamed because millions of young Americans have lost a year of their lives to endless distance learning and prolonged isolation. Some of those kids already have committed suicide, while others fell between the cracks and could no longer catch up. Trump tried to open schools, while Democrats kept them closed.

“If Flu” or any other variation of the name for the Chinese communist virus is the least of this country’s concerns, and anyone who takes this or another phrase and uses it to end innocent lives is gone. .

Uncomfortable for Lieu, there is nothing embarrassing about naming infectious diseases after the regions in which they were born. This is a practice that has persisted for many generations in the medical community. Ask those who come from Uganda’s Zika Forest or West Nile, or who call the banks of the Ebola River home.

Are some nicknames for coronavirus insensitive? Obviously yes, according to some people.

Did Trump’s terminology kill six women in Georgia? Definitely not. Georgia murder suspect, 21-years-old Robert Aaron Long, told investigators he killed those women to stop his own seemingly uncontrolled sexual urges.

Trump’s sole crime was that he left hurt almost from day one of the pandemic by reminding many Americans of the origin of all their illness. Trump makes sure to tell Americans that China’s communist government has created their misery, and Democrats like Lieu haven’t and still can’t stand that many people believe in him.

This article originally appeared on The Western Journal.


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