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Commentary: Montana Sheriff Calls Out Dems for Supporting ‘Terrorist’ Orgs, Leaves Democratic Party



Sheriff Jesse Slaughter of Cascade County, Montana, announced Tuesday that he is shifting his affiliation with the party from the Democratic Party to the Republican Party for his 2022 general election election, saying the GOP is backtracking while its own party does not.

Given all the anti -police rhetoric and riots and the entire “defund the police” movement over the past year, it’s not surprising to see many more in law enforcement following the sheriff’s example.

“From the very beginning, I made no secret that I was a Constitutionalist, that I believed in the Constitution and I believed it was concrete and not up to a progressive interpretation. Unfortunately, throughout my term so far it has been repetitive. I once again went on fire for my pro-Constitution belief, ”Slaughter said in a video posted on his Facebook page.

“Twice in public meetings, elected Democrat officials tried to censor my words and opinions because they didn’t agree with me,” he continued. “I am punished publicly and privately for standing up for people’s individual rights and your Second Amendment rights. At one point the Democratic leader of the state completely ignored me when I asked for help for our overcrowded prison issues. “

Slaughter went on to express his disagreement with the Democrats already come back what he described as terrorist organizations.


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“Recently, an explicit former Democrat candidate shared a controversial post on his official campaign page. The post clearly aligned him and those who believe in him with the antifa terrorist organization,” he said.

“I asked the Democrat Central Committee if the candidate was too far away and the party would tell him to stop. Like this video I have yet to receive a response from the Democrat Party and their leadership.”

Slaughter said that in light of this shift to his own celebration, he will remove it.

“It is my duty to serve all the people in Cascade County, regardless of your political beliefs. To do this effectively I need to know that I have the support of the party that I have aligned myself with. So I am officially starting mine re -election campaign to stay with your sheriff. I hope I can count on your support in moving my name on the Republican ticket, “he said.

Cascade County is located northeast of the central state capital of Helena Montana.

“It’s not a decision I take for granted, but it’s the right decision,” Slaughter said. “I continue to find support from Republican Party leaders. More importantly, they have shown unstable support for the law enforcement profession.”

Killed the explanation at this point, told Great Falls Tribune, “It’s like whenever I need law enforcement support Republicans are always there.”

“Both Sen. [Steve] Daines and Gov. [Greg] Gianforte texted and called me last night, and they both said, ‘You know we don’t care about your celebration, we’ll just take back what you do and who you are.’ They don’t care about the celebration, they just appreciate the mission that law enforcement carries out every day. I didn’t get that from the Democratic Party. I notice, really. “


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Ang sheriff promised that even if he switched parties, it would not affect how he did his job.

“It’s not going to change anything I do on a day-to-day basis,” Slaughter said, “it’s just a stand for professional law enforcement and saying I’m not going to align myself with leading a radical party that doesn’t respect the ideals respected by the people of Cascade County. “

Cascade County Central Committee Chair Cyndi Baker accepted the sheriff to the GOP rank.

“We shared his concerns regarding the Democratic Party’s lack of respect for the law enforcement profession as well as local candidates who have aligned themselves with radicals and even terrorist organizations,” he said in a release. news, according to KULR-TV.

The Center Square reported earlier this month that three sheriffs in Virginia switched their party affiliation from Democrat to Republican after a Democrat-controlled lawmaker passed measures that officials saw as anti-police.

Last year, the sheriffs Indiana at Pennsylvania did the same.

Discrimination or at least failing to properly support law enforcement will not be a winning issue for Democrats over time.

If people don’t feel safe in their own communities, it doesn’t matter what else woke up agenda items or government programs offered by liberals – they will pay big on the polls.

This article originally appeared on The Western Journal.

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