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Commentary: Number of Americans Who Quit in August Hits 21 Year High As Biden’s Economy Burns to the Ground



More than four million Americans voluntarily quit their jobs in August amid a supposed economic downturn.

CNBC, citing the Labor Department, reported 4.3 million American workers voluntarily quit by the end of the summer. That means nearly three percent of the total workforce just quit.

That’s a record not seen since December of the year 2000. CNBC reported that the most affected sectors were food service, retail and health care.

Shortage of retail and food labor can be seen in many parts of the country, pay attention only when shopping or eating.

We wouldn’t see anything right now, if not for the President Joe Biden and Democrats, whose dream of permanently expanding the socialist state for the sake of being conceived on a large scale.


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Can you imagine any of that happening under the former President’s second term Donald Trump? The recovery of the V -shape has not had a chance, and next March we will be subject to two years of COVID restrictions – that the country’s job market is still in turmoil.

The last 19 or so months have changed in the way many, many Americans look at working. Even if the government is well drained to a degree, companies just can’t find or retain help. Who could argue it’s not because so many Americans have tasted socialist grants?

Federal unemployment benefits ended for millions of Americans late this summer, but they could be more hurt than good after the first few months. People driven by the state to do nothing but rely on government social safety probably make up a large portion of those who quit their jobs.

They do this at the expense of employers who are willing to pay workers well for doing low-paying jobs. These people, in many cases, are paid state unemployment benefits and given an additional $ 300 per week from the federal government to stay at home. They also received a lot stimulus check, which saved pennies.

Do you blame government handouts last year and a half for the state of the labor market?

These people have been making money beyond their wild dreams for over a year – all for nothing.

Now that there are open jobs everywhere, many of those who choose to return to work no doubt believe they can quit without feeling the compression. If they are smart, they can save their money from government checks. Why would they grill burgers or stock shelves if they have cash and somewhere around them is taking?

People who used to hold on to their jobs until something better came along now have options around them as employers. compete for labor.

In a conversation caused two weeks ago, a man told me that he had almost exhausted all unemployment benefits in the state. Is he worried about finding a job? In short, no.

He has not yet spent a thousand on the three stimulus checks he has received since the spring of 2020 when CARES Act he was first allocated $ 1,200, he said. Assuming this person is single and childless, he or she receives $ 1,200 from the CARES Act, $ 600 from the Coronavirus Response and Relief Supplemental Appropriations Act of 2021 and $ 1,400 from the American Rescue Plan.


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Now, imagine that this person spends more than a year not paying rent because of a dismissal of the moratorium while collecting weekly state and federal unemployment benefits and sliding away $ 3,200 in stimulus giveaways.

If she has a child, in July she is also eligible for monthly Initial Child Tax Credit payments from the IRS – and past stimulus payments may have accrued. It also doesn’t take into account whether he uses food stamps or not.

What time should be for children, right and lazy. However, these people did not force the government to close the economy and give them all this money.

The federal government has chosen the most reckless and destructive routes to both the coronavirus itself and the economy. Bureaucrats have destroyed businesses and killed jobs while simultaneously erasing the desire to work for many people who no longer want to report on their jobs previously.

America is only in the early stages of socialism. Some people have benefited from it to a large degree while others have paid for the futures of their children or their small business and savings.

Now, labor-short big business Feels the strain of all the giveaways – and those who are paid and fed for nothing are about to happen, as inflation has depleted their cash reserves.

Inflation taxing everyone now, including the intentionally unemployed, but they probably still feel a sense of entitlement that they didn’t feel before. They stay out of the workforce or ignore work until they don’t feel like Uncle Sam is covering them up while they’re doing nothing.

But Uncle Sam keeps talking about reopening the checkbook. As a result, some employers cannot keep workers in an economy with millions of job vacancies and millions of unemployed workers.

This article originally appeared on The Western Journal.

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