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Commentary: Obama-Appointed Judge Increases DOJ-Recommended Punishment for Jan. 6 Detainees



Some judges are committing crime to punishment.

Some have made the crime punishable.

That seems to be the approach of a federal judge in Washington, when it comes to defendants in the Jan. 6 Capitol assault – especially when the punishment he imposed was more than prosecutors demanded.

According to Reuters, a judge appointed to the federal bank in 2014 by former President Barack Obama exceeded prosecutors ’judgment requests in handling pardons guilty of assault – imposing more jail time than lawyers requested of the Department of Justice, and describes their actions in seriously worse terms than the charges they were charged.

According to the report, United States District Judge Chutkan asked on Wednesday sentenced two cousins ​​who took selfies at the Capitol that day to 45 days in jail – two more weeks than prosecutors had requested.


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On Tuesday, Chutkan sentenced a woman two weeks behind bars when prosecutors recommended the trial – and cited her “cooperation with law enforcement” in making the recommendation, Reuters reported.

Last week, he sentenced another defendant to 45 days in prison. Prosecutors recommended three months of house arrest, according to The Washington Post.

“There must be consequences for involvement in an attempted violent overthrow of the government, beyond sitting at home,” Chutkan said, according to the Post.

Whatever the merits of that opinion – the truth is that the “attempted violent overthrow of the government” is not what the defendants accused, and it is not what they were told, according to Reuters.

Was the deck filed against the defendants on Jan. 6?

All pleaded guilty to misdemeanor charges of unlawful parade and picket inside the Capitol, the news service reported.

Naturally, in Twitter’s social media cesspool, many users applaud Chutkan’s actions (surprising how flexible liberal principles are). But even on Twitter, Chutkan has critics of her.


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But this one is perfectly placed.

No, this does not do justice to any commonly understood meaning of the term.

This is politics in a different way.

According to the Post, Chutkan clarified at the judgment last week that what he was doing was more than weighing the specific case before him and only convicting the defendant.

“Because the country is watching,” he said, “to see what the consequences are for something that has never happened in this country before, for actions and crimes that undermine the rule of law and our democracy.”

Clearly other than his legal briefs, Chutkan reads major media outlets such as The Washington Post and The New York Times to communicate his worldview. (He maintained good bona fides for a liberal in federal court, from trying to stop the murder of a man who raped and murdered a 10-year-old girl in ordering the federal government to help illegal aliens get an abortion.)

Regrettably because of the Capitol’s aggression, the horrific number of protesters ’violence that took place – and they are sad – no sensible person can replace the actions of an extreme riot with an armed aggression against the government.

It is important to note that the lone person who died as a result of deliberate violence that day was one of the protesters, shot to death for no apparent reason by a Capitol police officer.

And in a crowd where it is reasonable to assume there are a fair number of Second Amendment supporters, there are no guns in the evidence (and even stories about firefighters have been exaggerated by the mainstream media to reflect a story that protesters killed a police officer at the Capitol official.)

Chutkan is right about one thing: The country is watching. It watches the opposite of the concept of justice in the service of a political agenda, just as it watched for four years as the FBI was placed in the service of the Democratic agenda to Donald Trump’s presidency is on its knees, and like watching it throughout 2020 as rioters misled America’s cities and Democrats rejoiced (and still helped bail them out.)

Watched like the defendants in the Capitol assault the worse the deal than any Black Haired Object that surrounds an AutoZone. (It didn’t stop with the chief judge of the DC circuit court asks in August why prosecutors are like that easy to the defendants on January 6.)

Watching it open House Speaker Nancy Pelosi changed the commission to “investigate” the attack on another weapon in the Democrats ’war against Trump supporters.

Now, the nation is watching as a Democrat -appointed judge releases his own descriptions of what the criminals pleaded guilty to, and comes up with sentences beyond what prosecutors are looking for.

It doesn’t matter that the sentences are only worth a few weeks more behind bars. What matters is the principle of equal justice.

What Chutkan is doing is betraying that principle. This is not justice. Nakakahiya naman.

And there was a time not so long ago that liberals knew that.

This article originally appeared on The Western Journal.

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