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Commentary: Pelosi Suffers Extreme 54-Second Cognitive Failure on Live TV



Evidence builds up that President Joe Biden isn’t the only American Democrat to worry about when it comes to how things work upstairs.

When House Speaker Nancy Pelosi took to the podium on Thursday for her weekly news conference, she launched a stream of incoherence that Biden would face on his worst day.

And it can’t have much confidence in the country’s top leadership.

According to a C-SPAN archive of the news conference, Pelosi was asked about a bill supported by Sens. Marco Rubio, Republican of Florida, and Chris Murphy, Democrat of Connecticut, punishing China for various abuses of its human rights.

(The kind of human rights abuse that poses like the NBA LeBron James and other unique examples of humanity are of no interest.)


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Pelosi’s answer, if you can call it that, left even the most loyal partisans scratching their heads.

What he seems to be trying to say is a bill in the House from Rep. Jim McGovern, a Massachusetts Democrat, is better – but seriously, that’s just guesswork.

According to the C-SPAN archive, Pelosi first criticized the former President Donald Trump (of course) as an “autocrat” with no concern for human rights.

Do you think Pelosi is mentally fit to serve in Congress?

“I get second place over no one in Congress in my criticism of China’s human rights record,” he said before answering Trump and his interactions with Chinese President Xi Jinping.

For now, it’s just normal.

He then left the railroad, apparently mixing references to EAGLE Act, a bill passed in the House aimed at China, with the names of current and former members of Congress (including one who has now died) and various stages of brain freeze.

“We have a bill in the House. This is the McGovern bill. It’s a stronger bill, eh, than, uh, the– it’s, it’s, a bill that we can have freestanding or a bill that’s in the EAGLE Act, that’s part of, um, the, um, mr. – Foreign Affairs Committee, Mr. Kendrick Meeks – no, Gregory Meeks’ bill. Kendrick – we’re all sad about the loss of Carrie Meek this week, so I referred to her son.


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Older aunts who put too many glasses of wine at dinner are more cohesive than 81 -year -olds. Pelosi.

For those who keep the mark at home, Pelosi is referring to former Rep. Carrie Meek, a Florida Democrat who died Sunday. As his Associated Press obituary Noted, Meek’s son Kendrick followed his mother into politics and to his seat in the House, leaving in 2010.

So while it’s understandable that Pelosi is contemplating the loss of a former colleague, Kendrick Meek left the House more than a decade ago. For his name to come on his octogenarian lips instead of Rep. Gregory Meeks, who is actually in the Chamber today, is more than a little disturbing.

The fact that Meeks is chairman of a committee as important as Foreign Affairs only makes it worse.

And Pelosi is far from finished.

“But chairman Meeks’ bill is in, um, in the House – so we will have that, but you see, in a defense – in a bill, whether it’s in the – whatever that thing is called that they have in the Senate – or in a DOD bill, the Senate has no right to have revenue or appropriations matter. ”

Poor reception performance.

To be fair, there seems to be a glimmer of meaning in the combination of the words, “bill,” “McGovern,” “Meek” (deceased), “Meek” (alive and out of office), “Meeks” (alive) . and in office), and “whatever you call the matter they have in the Senate.”

But it has a free quality of association that is more like the dreams of an early sleeper than the well-thought-out presentation Americans should expect from their highest-ranking legislator-the woman just behind the Vice President. Kamala Harris in the line of succession to the presidency Biden must leave office for some reason.

True, Pelosi is not in the territory of forget the Declaration of Independence (“The thing,” as Biden might say) or stumble upon the concept of “citizen” while welcoming new citizens to the country, but there is a fairly strong argument to be made that he is very close.

And the sad truth is that this isn’t the first time he’s shown up signs of slipping.

It is not a sign of political leadership for the government of the most powerful country in the world to utter vague words related to the law being contested in the nation’s legislature

This is really a good sign that the person doing the spouting may be thinking about retiring to the beautiful and luxurious mansion of San Francisco where he can eat ice cream to his heart’s content – and stop inflicting countless damage to the country that has unfortunate enough saddled him.

Biden may be the most visible Democrat who seems to be losing it, but he’s not the only one – not in a long shot.

This article originally appeared on The Western Journal.

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