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COMMENTARY: Shocking Photos: 24K Migrants Apprehended in Last 2 Weeks in South Texas




It’s a trick as president when you start a humanitarian crisis in your first two months in office. It’s even more impressive when a lot of people don’t seem to notice, or no matter how serious it is.

That’s a lot, at least, I’ll give President Joe Biden. Impressive in what he did. He vowed to abandon Donald Trump’s immigration policies since “Day 1“But we haven’t really put together a plan to handle the influx of migration that will cause it. It’s kind of important, because once the media declares Biden’s success, it’s sure to cause an influx of migration.

The plan is made up of members of the Biden administration begging migrants not coming and Biden himself saying it will take time to get rid of what Trump did.

It had pretty much the same effect as Ed Sullivan had if, before he even started the stages featuring the Beatles, he told the audience to please stop screaming.

So now, according to a head of the Border Patrol’s patrol agent in one of the busiest sectors on the southern border, his area has seen 24,000 people jailed in the past two weeks.

Brian Hastings provided that number after a tweet Friday from Deputy Chief Patrol Agent Joel Martinez regarding another migrant group caught attempting to enter the country illegally.

An hour later, Hastings pointed out 159 illegal aliens added to a surprising total fears for Rio Grande sector.

“This group adds to nearly 24,000 individuals arrested throughout [Rio Grande Valley] in the last two weeks, “he wrote.

According to Customs and Border Patrol Statistically, “encounters” excluding minors reached 114 percent for Rio Grande sector in February 2021 compared to February 2020.

Family unit encounters reached 104 percent, and single adult encounters reached 167 percent.

This looks like a crisis. (But don’t call it a crisis – Certainly not Joe Biden.)

And this is what happens when evil actors with criminal histories try take advantage of a crisis:

“RGV agents arrested 3 illegal aliens with serious criminal histories,” Hastings tweeted on Monday. Their crimes included belief murder and sexual offenses. Just as agents deal with increasing families and unaccompanied foreign children, criminal aliens will attempt to hide themselves from them.

“By the end of week 2 convicted sex offenders were arrested for re -entering the United States illegally time away,” he said in another post.

And, let’s be clear: These are not people coming out of border crossings, asking for asylum.

These are scenes from a humanitarian crisis, once where children under the age of 10 were not only taken on dangerous walks in the United States by smugglers but also forced to cross the Rio Grande on rafts – and then abandoned by smugglers as the ship sank.

Is it humane? Is it controlled? Is the Biden administration doing anything to stop this?

Joe Biden owns every crisis, all in the midst of a pandemic.

And yet, even after losing his duty to develop a plan to deal with it, he refuses to call it a crisis, less to do about it. I doubt anything will change in his mind, beyond these pictures.

However, for many Americans, these photos may bring home to them what Biden did.

This article originally appeared on The Western Journal.


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