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Commentary: The Children in Biden’s ‘Cages’ Are Now Hungry Too – Biden Needs to Take Responsibility




Recent coverage of the southern border has revealed that there are appalling conditions in some areas, and the Biden administration is trying to silence it.

A facility that handles young migrants in Donna, Texas, is running at 729 percent capacity at the beginning of March, CBS news reported Even more disturbing, some children interviewed claimed they were hungry and most said they could not bathe more than once or twice while in custody, according to a lawyer representing migrant minors .

In addition, border fears have seen a massive increase, Customs and Border Protection data revealed.

Yet the Biden administration is downplaying the severity of the border surge, despite obvious issues.

When asked last week by Fox News White House announcer Peter Doocy if the white house has a “messaging problem” when it comes to border migrants, press secretary Jen Psaki added her partisan spin, saying, “In the last administration, we had a morality problem.”

But considering recent developments on the border, it would be unfortunate to say that this administration is not guilty of the same things it accused the Trump administration of.

No high -profile leader in the Biden administration, including Homeland Security Department Secretary Alejandro Mayorkas, has acknowledged the ongoing crisis – albeit not publicly and directly. Although Mayorkas asked workers within his agency to volunteer to help CBP, according to Fox News, he also has sinisi the previous administration and did not take any responsibility.

The White House can blame the Trump administration for all it wants, but the surge must be attributed to the fact that migrants believe Biden will be more lenient, even if that is not true.

A key part of this assumption has to do with Biden’s reversal of Trump that “Stay in Mexico“Policy and his decision to return”catch and release. “

The “Stay in Mexico” policy requires asylum seekers to stay in Mexico while awaiting legal proceedings in the United States. Critics of the policy have argued that it puts migrants in dangerous situations, including camps near the border where people awaiting court hearings live in squalor.

In contrast, “catch and release” places some of these migrants in border communities in the United States rather than detention facilities. “Catch and release” also has its own issues, as it opens the door for more drugs and human trafficking in the United States.

Of course, understanding the difference between these two rules does not explain the full story of what is happening at the border.

There is a level of empathy needed to truly understand the border crisis. While crime is a major issue, most migrants make the risky journey to seek a better life for themselves and their families. Many of those, of course, came from countries plagued by violence and unstable governments.

If the United States really wants to prevent illegal immigration from the southern border, it has two options: secure the border as a barrier, or engage in the activities of Central and South American countries to further improve the quality of life. there.

No matter how someone cuts it, the immigration system in the United States is a tragedy, and current and past administrations have done little to truly change it by preventing illegal crossing, preventing illegal crossing activity. criminal and streamlining the legal process.

If Biden is truly interested in “unity,” he needs to take responsibility for the border crisis – then work to fix it.

This article originally appeared on The Western Journal.


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