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Commentary: Trump-Appointed Judge Smacks Down Biden’s Oil and Gas Leasing Ban



A federal judge in Louisiana on Tuesday issued a preliminary injunction blocking President Joe Biden’s ban on new gasoline and gas loans.

Republic of Louisiana Lawmaker Jeff Landry and officials in 12 other states filed a lawsuit in March in an effort to resume ongoing rental sales in the Gulf of Mexico and Alaska, according to NPR.

“While our battle is still far from over, I am pleased that the Court has provided first aid against the President’s unthinkable attack on America’s energy,” Landry tweeted on Wednesday.


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Injunctions remain a controversial topic, as they have been used 19 times to stop the actions of the Obama administration and 55 times against the Trump administration.

The debate centers on the fact that a single judge has the power to affect federal government policy as a whole.

United States District Judge Terry Doughty was appointed by the former President Donald Trump in 2018, an example of the former president’s long -term influence on the American judicial system.

Trump often cites his appointment of hundreds of federal judges, as well as Supreme Court Justices Amy Coney Barrett, Brett Kavanaugh and Neil Gorsuch.

Pausing federal oil and gas leases is a key part of Biden’s plan to move to renewable energy without waiting for the industry to make changes on its own.

“You don’t want to sit there with a lot of assets left behind. You will be on the wrong side of this battle, ”Biden said John Kerry warned the fossil fuel industry at a meeting in March, CNN reported


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“They should know how we’re not going to be an oil and gas company, but how we’re going to be an energy company,” he added.

Biden and his allies expressed no interest in working with the oil and gas industry, only against it.

Stopping oil and gas leases without a clear plan to replace the jobs it sacrifices is a surefire way to harm local and local economies.

Doughty’s decision to grant the mandate was fully justified, given Biden’s reckless executive action that threatened America’s energy independence in the service of a radical climate agenda.

There is a way to work towards a stable and realistic environmental policy: working with free market. But it could take a legal gag in the White House for that to happen.

This article originally appeared on The Western Journal.

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