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Commentary: Video: Senator Lankford Exposes Huge Gaps in Border Wall Caused by Joe Biden




Republican Sen. James Lankford of Oklahoma was blown away by President Joe Biden’s dangerous move to abruptly stop the construction of the border wall, saying the gaping holes he left posed a threat to Americans.

Lankford visited the border near Nogales, Arizona, and pointed to a large gap in the wall that was left after Biden issued an executive order, on his first day in office, stopping construction.

“I visited the AZ border yesterday,” the senator tweeted Monday. “You can see the giant gaps in the fence – it’s ridiculous that 95% is done and can’t be completed.”

The senator said the layoff was done in a reckless, hard -to -do way endangered safety of border states and their residents.

“This is a problem created by the Biden administration – stopping construction undermines the effectiveness of the fencing structure and technology,” he said. “No sense.”

Biden claims that a physical wall is not necessary and the boundary can be secured with a “virtual wall” that uses technology such as drones and cameras.

Meanwhile, anti -wall Democrats continue to support razor -wire fencing to cut their own constituents – Americans who pay their salaries – from the U.S. Capitol.

Lankford pointed out that “virtual wall” technology only works in conjunction with a physical wall and requires completion on nearby roads.

This means suddenly stopping construction on the wall and nearby walkways renders the technology useless.

“In this area, there are these giant spaces set up on the fence itself, that they need to finish the fence just to finish this space,” the senator explained. “They have to finish the road that goes along with it, and then get the technology and sensors.”

He added: “It makes this whole system pointless and makes the technology not work.… What’s the point of anything here if you don’t finish these parts?”

Democrats like Biden opposed having a border wall to protect U.S. territories but were forced to live behind large walls to keep themselves safe.

In 2019, House Speaker Nancy Pelosi of California – an open border advocate – had conservative activist Laura Loomer and her comrades (a group of illegal aliens) “Exiled” from his luxurious possession of Napa Valley after the group climbed the Pelosi wall and sought asylum on his lawn.

Pelosi’s staff immediately called police to Loomer and deported him and his happy band of illegal immigrants.

At the time, Loomer said he joined the demonstration because he wanted to show that hypocritical Democrats never do what they preach.

During the incident, he read aloud the names of Americans killed by illegal aliens, including Newman, California, Police Officer Ronil Singh | and a resident of San Francisco Kate Steinle, shot by an illegal immigrant from Mexico who was deported five times.

Loomer said murdered Americans are not welcome in the “California state sanctuary,” even as it launches the red carpet for illegal aliens who kill them.

This article originally appeared on The Western Journal.


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