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Congresswoman Lauren Bobert demands to be called a “Congressman” during bigoted rant




The Republican Party has been waging the cultural war for decades, slowly revolting their bigotry and zealous placement in a more acceptable, more diverse version of America. Conservatives have lost their annoying struggle to prevent gay marriage from becoming legal and now they have turned their attention to oppressing transgender Americans.

One only needs to flip the video backlogs of any known online right-hand man, be it Ben Shapiro, Stephen Crowder, or Candace Owens to find a truly frightening attack on the trans community. Fox News hackers like Tucker Carlson happily mock transgender Americans at every opportunity. These hate businessmen know that there is a significant portion of the GOP base that hates anything different from themselves and will end these segments as confirmation that their biases are valid.

Acceptance and love will win in the end, but in the meantime, these Republicans are inflicting real harm on real people and there will be tragic consequences. Rep. Lauren Boebert (R-CO), one of the more radical right-wingers who has infected our government in recent years, was recently attacked the Law of Equality, an important piece of legislation supported by Democrats and the Biden administration.

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If it passes the Senate, the bill would expand and strengthen protections for LGBTQ +individuals. It identifies sexual orientation and gender identity specifically as categories that cannot be identified. So far, they still fall under the blanket term “sex.” Importantly, it would expand the Civil Rights Act to protect historically marginalized groups when it comes to areas such as housing, employment, federal programs, and even a simple thing like trying to shop at a given retail.

With his trademark handgun wrapped around his hip, Boebert addressed most of the supporters at a saloon in Montrose, Colorado. In a video of the event shared on Facebook by Montrose Daily Press, Boebert engages in the kind of rhetoric we expect from people like him. He called the bill “disgusting” before proceeding with an extended rant.

“So here’s what it’s called, it’s called the Equality Act. It should be good right? We all want equality, right? It must be an amazing charge. Thus, the Constitution right there in the preamble says we are all equal, we have the 14th Amendment which says all men-and it’s okay to say men as a term that is gender neutral-all human beings are created equal, equal under the law, ”the Congressman said in a warm reaction from his fans.

“You know, I’ve decided I don’t want Democrats to call me congressman. I want them to recognize that ‘man’ is a gender neutral term, and they can call me ‘Congressman Boebert,'” he continued, using of the same absurd logic to attack trans rights that we have witnessed countless times from these people.

The simple truth is there are no convincing people like Boebert to change their opinions. Bigotry is very useful a political tool for them. The only option is to vote to keep them in the minority and away from the levers of power. The lives of trans Americans depend on it.

Watch below.

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Rob Haffey

Rob Haffey is a writer, filmmaker, and winner of the ScreenCraft Writing Fellowship. He graduated from Drexel University.


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